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Paul Laffoley Zoomable Images 5:
The Living Klein-Bottle House of Time

To call this man's artwork profound is a complete understatement. The FUTURE ART of Visionary Philosopher/Designer Laffoley is without parallel. Immensely detailed mandalas of geometrical systems, thought symmetries, machines of the future, bioengineered living structures, methods of creating time-machines and dimensional wormholes are just the beginning!

"The goal of our present endeavor is to produce a transdisciplinary world-view
which will sustain human existence into a continuous future."
- Paul Laffoley

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"The Living Klein Bottle House of Time"
Oil, Acrylic, Lettering on Canvas
73 1/2 x 73 1/2 in.

Subject: The Second Design Phase of the Time Machine
Symbol Evocation: The Singularity between the Third and Fourth Dimensions Spatiality

Comments: The basic change from the first to the second design phase of the time machine is the addition of the Biochron Time-Suit. This entity is an alternative creature that has been genetically programmed to grow in the form of a living Klein bottle.

I believe that to perceive time periods radically dislocated from one's habitual and functional space-time frame, a buffer or early warning system is necessary for protection against possible changes in circumstance and belief. Although the average world-view should take one successfully through an entire lifetime with little adjustment, world-views or universe-views are in fact notoriously fragile entities. For example, if you attempt to process information on the circumstance and beliefs of the world 5,000 years hence, you might well be brought into direct contact with thoughts not only unimaginable but directly destructive to someone in your present, or yourself. Imagine if the artifacts of our present civilization were constructed by people from our ancient past, and what inevitable havoc would reign unless the ancients had had some way of understanding our present beliefs.

Coupled with the Biochron Time-Suit is a device I call the Agnosticon.
The purpose of the device is to allow its user to engineer their doubt or faith processes. In my opinion, it is necessary to engineer doubt and faith in relation to the accelerated space-time frames of reference that would be encountered with the time machine, in order to perceive these unfamiliar world-views. In other words, you must be able to believe or disbelieve any proposition instantly in order to survive in alien space-time systems. The basis of the Agnosticon is the heptahedron, which is a seven-sided convex polyhedron made from a piezoelectric crystal shaped like an octahedron and electromagnetically charged along its major axes and surfaces. As a structured singularity, the heptahedron is kept isolated from other singularities so that it can function specifically in relation to human beings

- Paul Laffoley

(historical sources)
Homage To:
G. Van Tassel, T. Hieronymus, Ivan Sanderson, Claude Bragdon, H.G. Wells,
Francesco Borromini, Georg Cantor, M.C. Escher, Etienne-Martin, Robert Heinlein,
Hinton, Felix klein, Frederick J. Kiesler, Nikolai Kozyrev, H.P. Lovecraft, H.P. Manning,
P.D. Ouspensky, Shinichi Seike, (Wilhelm) Reich, Antonio Gaudi,
N. Goncharov, V. Moroz and V. Mokarov

All Art, Quoted Text and Images of Paintings are © Paul Laffoley
Mr. Laffoley is represented by KENT Gallery, NYC. Refer to Douglas Walla
for image-use arrangements, scheduling a showing or purchase of original works
They will be publishing the Paul Laffoley "Catalogue Raisonne" - 3 volumes
of complete works and extended commentary by Paul in 2009

2001 Thanaton III produced for Channel 4.
(original broadcast January 28, 2001). interviewed by Richard Metzger

1999 Pseudo.com Online Network interview with Richard Metzger of The Disinformation Company

1998 The Mystery of Genius (two part series) produced for the Arts & Entertainment Channel
produced by Robert Fiveson. (broadcast in 1999). interviewed by John Metherell

Paul Laffoley on the Time Machine Strange Universe
(original broadcast September 10, 1997). interviewed by Alisyn Camerota

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