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Paul Laffoley Zoomable Images 15:

"I have analyzed Klaatu's ship as a form and have discovered that it conforms to the divine proportion or Phi (0.382.../ 0.618...) in five separate ways, including not only linear but also mass and surface proportions.
The traditional classical columnar orders (the Doric, Ionic, Corinthian, Tuscan, the Roman Doric, and Composite) only use Phi in three ways and for linear measurements only. To me, the form of the Thanaton, therefore, should be considered a new classical form." - Paul Laffoley


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Oil, acrylic, ink, lettering on canvas 73 1/2 x 73 1/2 in.

Subject: A Visitation by a Flying Saucer and Alien
Symbol Evocation: The tortoise as the Earth-Mother, the Support of the World.


The painting depicts an extraterrestrial's exhortation to me, explaining how to:
1) Link life to death in a continuous experience.
2) Utilize the resulting thanatonic energy to travel faster than the speed of light,
turn matter into consciousness and back again, alter evolution at will and exist simultaneously at every moment of time.
3) Move the entire universe into the fifth dimensional realm, and say when in history it is possible for this to happen.

I have also received other information I cannot understand.
Since this information was given to me directly but not for me per se,
it must be communicated to others, many of whom are better prepared than I to receive it.

Accordingly I was also shown how to make the painting into psychotronic, or mind-matter interactive device which is
activated by approaching the painting, stretching out your arms, touching the upright hands and staring into the eye.
By doing this, new information will come to you through the active use of the divine proportion, which is the
proportion of life connecting to death.

- Paul Laffoley

(historical sources)
Homage To:
Kazmir Malevich, Paul klee, Ad Reinhardt, Isamu Noguchi, Jacques Vallee, Betty Ann Andreasson,
Benjamin Lee Whorf, Kenneth Arnold, Frederick Keisler, Emanuel Swedenborg, Orfeo Angelucci,
Carl jung, Mr. _ Mrs. Paul Trent, Robert Fludd, Marius Schneider, Alexander Skryabin, John Michell,
George Adamski, Joseph Kerrick, Frank L. Wright, Stephen W. Hawking, Benoit B. Mandelbrot,
Curt J. Ducasse, N.A. Kozyrev, Aristotle, Leonard T. Troland, J.W. Dunne, P.A.M. Dirac, J.R.P. Searl,
O.T. Carr, S. Seike, H.G.Wells, Arch Obler, Plato, Charles K. Johnson, Charles Ives, Nikola Tesla,
R.G. Collingwood, George Van Tassel, J.W.V. Goethe, Charles Fort, Alfred Jarry, Jay Mendell.

All Art, Quoted Text and Images of Paintings are © Paul Laffoley
Mr. Laffoley is represented by KENT Gallery, NYC. Refer to Douglas Walla
for image-use arrangements, scheduling a showing or purchase of original works
They will be publishing the Paul Laffoley "Catalogue Raisonne" - 3 volumes
of complete works and extended commentary by Paul in 2009

Thanaton Comparisons

"The goal of our present endeavor is to produce a transdisciplinary world-view
which will sustain human existence into a continuous future."
- Paul Laffoley

2001 Thanaton III produced for Channel 4.
(original broadcast January 28, 2001). interviewed by Richard Metzger

1999 Pseudo.com Online Network interview with Richard Metzger of The Disinformation Company

1998 The Mystery of Genius (two part series) produced for the Arts & Entertainment Channel
produced by Robert Fiveson. (broadcast in 1999). interviewed by John Metherell

Paul Laffoley on the Time Machine Strange Universe
(original broadcast September 10, 1997). interviewed by Alisyn Camerota

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