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The Sun's White Gold Rays reach over the arched roof of the practice room in John Coltrane's former Long Island N.Y. Residence - Creating a specular/harmonic rainbow effect thru the glass camera lens.

The sun supports life, Initiates metabolism and provides all of the energy for the solar system - for free! It is also, however a volatile and unpredictable father-figure for our solar-system. The Sun has a peak-energy output cycle every 11 years, accompanied by a flip in the poles - making for a total solar cycle of 22 years.

The solar environment has many direct effects on plant metabolism, geomagnetism, global weather patterns, human consciousness and can also fry or disrupt satellites, spaceships or deep-space probes.

We are somewhat shielded from the high-energy charged particles of the solar wind by our earths own magnetic field, which forms an envelope we ride along in. - miqel


CME's Coronal Mass Ejection - very large jets of gas and high-energy particles

New Imaging Techniques - amazing details of Sunspots

Even closer, more strange details emerge

Our Solar System

Hubble observations indicate
triple-star systems are fairly common

very symmetrical stellar explosion)

Sizes and Types of Stars - Our Sun is Type G

YOU ARE HERE: Homepage > Galactic Orientation > The Sun and Star Types

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