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Michael Aaron Coleman

Providing Services in Content Development, Business Presentations, Graphic Design, Multimedia Management and Internet Marketing Strategy.

I've been working in the WebDesign / Internet Marketing and Digital Media field for the last 11 years, both in corporate and freelance situations. I've worked with clients of all sizes in a broad range of fields (medical, academic, construction, art & music, retail sales, manufacturing, publishing and real estate) to assist them getting their business vision translated to web and digital formats.
I am experienced in working with clients both near and remote. I'm a good listener and as a result have been able to maintain a very high level of client satisfaction.

Freelance Webdesign Services

Primary Skills
• Internet Sales Strategy
• CD-rom and DVD Creation
• Internet Media - Flash Animation
• Search Engine Positioning (SEO)
• Web Site Construction & Maintenance
• Digital Photography • Image Restoration
• Project Management (for media creation)
• Art Direction • Site re-design & re-launch
• Audio Editing and Music Loop Creation
• Video & Media Editing for Internet use
Graphics and Media Portfolio:

Business Presentations & Web Site ExamplesGALLERY I


Open for some new projects through December 2010.
Contact me for details - PHONE (615) 290 5900

Additional Skills:
I am proficient in internet marketing, Photoshop, Flash basics, graphics creation or conversion, information layout, graphical layout, advertising psychology, brain/behavior research, Internet trends and usability testing. I have strong personal communication skills and always stay level-headed. My background is in graphic arts / marketing and i've had the opportunity to develop skills in many related fields.

Most Recent Website
Professor Bron Taylor, UFL

Recent Projects (2008 - 2010)

AmMed Surgical, LLC - Design, CSS, HTML - CSS re-deployment, updates. podcasts - Design, CSS, HTML and SEO - currently # 21 of
  11 million Google results for "Nature Religion"
RyMed Technologies
 Conversion of PPT to Flash sales & training presentation with
 streaming Flash video, and HTML version of presentation.

Developed training materials, designed 18 Flash presentations,
internet research, website design, graphics. Click for example.

Real Estate Flash CD-romEquity Lifestyle Properties
Produced 15 marketing CD/DVD presentations for Real Estate buyers. Flash animation, photo editing , layout, design & content development. Click to view example. Flash player required.
 Flash sales presentation, SEO overhaul.
WorldsFastestDrummer (WFD)
 Website updates, search engine optimization,
 Flash animation, graphics.
 Video game launch, web development, graphics, social network marketing.
 Also see •

Unique Skills & Abilities:

Personally i'm known as a calm and stable individual and i've been told that this attitude seems to help others feel calm and focused.

I'm a quick learner when it comes to new software and applications but i'm not an IT specialist or scripting guru. My background is in information layout, visual design, Flash presentations, Photoshop, Dreamweaver, marketing and html coding..

My thoughts tend to be creative and 'right brained' but balanced with a strong analytical and acutely observational approach to situations and tasks.

Helpful Talents:
-Cross-Generational/Cross Cultural Communication
- Attention to Detail & Understanding of Social Context
- Methodical Thinking, Balanced with Powerful Intuition
- Sensitive to Aesthetic Subtleties in Language and Media
- Able to Transcend Interpersonal & Office Politics without Drama

Recent SEO Examples:

My most recent flash / SEO projects were and
- we have #1 on google for both of those terms as well as
'fastest drummer' , 'fastest gamer' and related searches.
'fastest gamer' has position #1,2,4 and 5 out of 810,000 results.

THIS PAGE - Google Rankings as of 04-14-09
in -internet media design nashville - I'm at #1 and #2 out of 501,000 results
In -media design services nashville - at #1 & #2 out of 1,460,000
In -freelance media design nashville - at #1 out of 46,600
In -internet multimedia nashville - at #6 out of 112,000
In -content development nashville - #1 out of 760,000
In -website content development nashville - #3 out of 725,000
In -internet marketing strategy nashville - at #4 out of 162,000
in -website media design nashville - at #4 out of 1,510,000
In -business presentation design nashville - #4 out of 102,000
in -business presentations design nashville- at #11 out of 11,400,000
in -internet design nashville - at #13 out of 4,080,000
Other SEO examples
- the search 'Natural Fractals' which has #1 position out of 1,590,000
& my page for 'bird flu safety tips' has a rank of #4 our of 85,000 results

Professional Experience:
Custom Contact Media - Nashville, TN
Duties: Web, CD-rom & DVD Art Direction & Graphics Creation,
Webmaster/developer, Multimedia Development,Video Editing.
2003 - 2007 (contract and part-time)
Qwest Digital Media - Nashville, TN
Duties: Website Developer, Business Presentations,
Flash Presentations, Sales and Marketing Media.
1999 thru 2002

Digiscript - Franklin, TN (Streaming Medical Media)
Image Editing, Graphics Conversion,
Timecoding Flash Media Development
2001 - 2002

Slingshot Networks
- Nashville, TN
Duties: Digital Graphic Artist,
Website Developer, Marketing Team.

 Website & Freelance Graphic Design Services; Nashville and TelecommuteI have 10 years of professional experience in the digital media design field, with an emphasis on internet marketing, content development, graphics, website and CD/DVD development. I'm familiar with the scope and complexity of web design/development issues and have a proven track record of producing high quality web designs and business presentations.

My strongest skills are content development, marketing copy creation, design & layout, sales psychology and a high level of familiarity with internet culture, current online trends, social networking sites and website usability and aesthetics.

I offer my clients unique design solutions to their business media needs, including website development, graphic design or CD and DVD media.
My projects vary, from simple design solutions for new regional businesses to multimedia development for large corporations. The consistent element in
each project has been the search for the highest level of design quality and client usability for each design job.


Business presentations, Graphic Design, Sales Strategy,
Internet Content Development, Multimedia Management, and SEO

Remote Online Work Globally, Local Availability in Nashville, Franklin & Brentwood TN


Michael Aaron Coleman

PH: 615 290 5900

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