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Premature Sexual Maturation of Human Children

In 1982 the February issue of the Journal of the Puerto Rican Medical Association reported on a growing number of cases of premature sexual development of children, which included cases of children from one to five years old, male and female, with enlarged breasts, accelerated puberty, vaginal bleeding in five year old girls, and other similar problems. If this happened to one of your children, how would you feel?[1]

They discovered that when they took these children off meat and fresh milk, the symptoms would often regress. According to the report, it was "clearly observed in 97% of the cases that the appearance of abnormal breast tissue was related to the consumption of whole milk in the infant group and to the consumption of local whole milk, poultry and beef in the older group. Obviously, regulations regarding livestock are not as well enforced in Puerto Rico as in other parts of the United States, so the dose might have been higher, but these substances are also present in varying quantities in all meat, egg and dairy products in the continental United States.[2]

It is apparent by the research reports that the concept of drugs and other substances in animals affecting humans has been known about for almost 30 years, yet these substances and many more are added to animal feed and injected into animals today in the United States. The European Economic Community banned $130 million of U.S. beef imports in 1989 because of hormone implants.[3] Yet, in spite of this, the public is not old, and they continue to consume these substances, much to the benefit of the meat, egg, dairy, medical and pharmaceutical industries. It also tends to cut down on the population.

Even in the continental United States, we are seeing more and more premature sexual development in our children. Along with this, doctors are also seeing an expanding assortment of sexual abberations. Other countries are also experiencing the same trend. Analysis of the problem in Britain resulted in the determination that hormone traces in the meat of chemically fattened livestock are causing British school girls to mature sexually at least three years earlier than in the past. We will discuss estrogenic chemicals later.

Invariably, doctors (not knowing what the problem really is) blame the problem on a dysfunction of the child's endocrine system, which is not the case at all. The problem does not stop with children. Both adults and children in the United States are experiencing a plethora of behavior disorders connected to uncertain and confused sexual identities that arise partially from externally induced hormonal imbalances. We are seeing an increase in sexual abuse of children. It might be noted here that vaccines are also contributing to the growing problem of aberrant behavior, conduct disorders, learning disabilities and crime, including sexually related crimes. This is discussed in another chapter.

[1] Saenz de Rodriguez, Dr.C.A., Journal of the Puerto Rican Medical Association, Feb 1982.
[2] "Drugs in Animals Affect Human Growth," Health Bulletin, Nov 6, 1965 pg 6.
[3] Europes concern about hormonal implants surfaced after a scandal in Italy in which a baby food maker injected hormones into beef, made baby food from it and babies of both sexes developed breasts.

YOU ARE HERE: Homepage > Reading Library - Interesting Randomness > Premature Sexual Maturation of Human Children
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