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Online Scans of Rare & Antique Metaphysical Books
Artifacts from the revival of Wisdom-Religions, Gnosticism
and Esoteric Christianity in the late 19th and early 20th Century.

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THE TEACHER By Anonymous

In 1986 some friends discovered a trunk in the
basement of an old house on Congress st. in Jackson MS.

This old abandoned trunk contained a treasure trove of metaphysical books from the early 1900's. Some were eroded and bug-eaten, others were in good shape.

They were distributed among a few friends who were interested,
I hung on to a few including an Essene tract from 1917, an original print of the "Aquarian Gospel", the Voice of Isis and my personal favorite - The Teacher:

A great book for any soul-searcher, it asks some hard questions - but they are questions that are always worth asking. It was written around 1910 but still highly relevant today.

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The Experience of the
Perennial Philosophy

is best expressed by the Sanskrit phrase That Thou Art,
meaning the immanent eternal self is realized as one with the absolute principle of all existence and that the ultimate destiny of every human being is to discover this fact for himself, to find out who he really is.

YOU ARE HERE: Homepage > Rare Metaphysical Books > The TEACHER

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