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Online Scans of Rare & Antique Metaphysical Books
Artifacts from the revival of Wisdom-Religions, Gnosticism
and Esoteric Christianity at the late 19th and early 20th Century.

The ESSENE Message
Vol VI - January 1917

- By Anonymous - Circa 1910

Grand Lodge of Rosicrucian Secret Society & Mystical Fraternity Issues 4th Official Public Statement in 370 years:

Positio Fraternitatis Rosae Crucis
(in Adobe PDF format)

- By The Order of Christian Mystics - 1926


Text of Old Pamphlet "LIGHT ON THE PATH"

Theosophical tract by Mabel Collins

Coming Soon:

Scans from OAHSPE
ETIDORHPA - very unusual and rare!

Mackey's Encyclopedia of Freemasonry
- By Robert Ingham Clegg 33° - 1929

(from the preface to Rosicrucian Millennial Posito above ) ...

its purpose is to state our position concerning the state of the world today
and to reveal what seems worrisome to us about its future.

As our past brethren did in their time, we likewise wish to appeal for more humanism and spirituality, for we are convinced that the individualism and materialism now prevailing in modern societies cannot bring to humanity the happiness which it rightfully desires.
This Positio will undoubtedly seem alarmist to some, but, as the saying goes:
"Who is so deaf or so blind as is he that willfully will neither hear nor see."

Today's humanity is both troubled and bewildered.
The great progress we have achieved materially has not truly brought us happiness and does not enable us to foresee our future with serenity. Wars, famines, epidemics, ecological catastrophes, social crises, attacks on fundamental freedoms - these are just some of the many calamities which contradict the hope that humans have for their future.

That is why we are addressing this message to all those who are willing to hear it.
This message is in the same tradition as that expressed by the 17th-century Rosicrucians through the first three Manifestos. But to understand the message we must realistically read the great book of history and have a clear view of humanity-this great body composed of men and women in the process of evolution .....

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