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Page 6:
Weird / Educational / Inspirational / Confusing / Fascinating pix and Information
- from the web and beyond
Strobe-Light ballet
Form and motion in the human body. In high school my drama teacher had a cool book. A series of photos like the one above, illustrating the motion-over-time of dancing and other activities. I find it fascinating because this is a more accurate picture of what we are than the micro-slice of "now" that we see - this is how we look across time..

"Light-Echo" from an Exploding Star

NASA image
Imagine a camera-flash in space ... it's an expanding sphere of light.

In this photo
we have a star which has exploded. We are seeing the light-burst traveling outwards in all directions as it illuminates dust and gas previously blown-off by the star.

Size comprehension -
our entire Solar System would fit easily inside the red aura around the star, look again at the dates on the images and remember that light travels at roughly 186,000 miles per second and these pics span 6 months at that speed !!!!

yes ... no ... Yes ...... do not be alarmed
they are the SWINGING LOVE CORPSES and they are the ULTIMATE cosmic rock & roll band ...

the band that saved the entire universe from instant destruction on more than one occasion !

I bet this cat-resuscitation process would look cool seen as time-lapse, like the ballet photo above. Sure, it looks abusive - but it could come in handy if your kitty is drowning. Scientists make a Frog levitate with superconducting ceramics. It is possible to magnetically levitate every material and any living creature due to the always present molecular magnetism.

from the 1400 to 1600's or so, maybe older. What the friggin' heck is going on here? UPDATE: I got a nice email explaining this one:
" have a basic knowledge and huge interest in Alchemical Symbolism and some research led a very learned man by the name of Adam Mclean to email me with the following information about the above image;
"This is an engraving from Kircher, Athanasius. China Monumentis, Amsterdam 1667.

It is Kircher's imagining of a Buddhist icon, which he calls the idol of Pussa. Of course, it draws more on the European emblem tradition than on any real encounter with Eastern imagery."

Mr Mclean has an amazing website and other links, which you may or may not like to add to your fantastic collection (my apologies if you already have);

Web site:

thanks to "Carla" for the information!
a message from our sponsors:

SUN RA Live in the 1960s ... He always had the coolest 'headgear', we call the twisted coat-hangers on his head the 'cosmic antenna'
Don't know if that's what was intended,
but this looks a lot like what a Cluster Headache feels like (a bit like a hot-poker in the eye)

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YOU ARE HERE: Homepage > Random Images > Images & Commentary Page 6

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