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(Oh Yessss! FINALLY)
Energy Storing Bio-ergonomic Kangaroo Jumping Feet

Imagine Jumping over the crowds of people in the morning sidewalk traffic,

looking way, way down women's shirts,

leaping over cars,
across ditches,

onto 5 ft embankments, etc.

Screw the Segway™
... i want the Kangaroo Bionic Feet
Goddess of PLENTY!!!! Yeah ;)
Revolution or DEVO-lution

from Science News

Solar Sunspot seen very very close up:
imaged by a novel new method incorporating numerous earth-based telescope which are synchronized by a computer and the images are averaged to reveal striking details never seen before of the mechanics of sunspot movement and formation.
Billy Carter Beer! I think this is actually the real label ...
ex president's alcoholic brother signs marketing deal ...

Buckminster Fullers 1930's car!!!!
He invented this car in the 1930's it was the first aerodynamic vehicle, looks like a mini-van right? Rode on 3 wheels, turned circles in place, fit 8 or more comfortable, got 38 miles to the gallon and could hit speeds of close to 120mph. ALL THIS for about 1/3 of the materials and labor that goes into a 'conventional' car. If people, the government, entrepreneurs, someone with vision had gotten this into mass production .. just think.

Think what crap we would have avoided in terms of cumulative fuel use from inefficiency, trillions of tons of emissions over the past 60 years, due to air drag, poor design & planned obsolesce in auto-manufacturing, etc ... we must get in the habit of embracing the future when its invented by geniuses like this, over 60 years one less tire per vehicle equals BILLIONS less discarded tires.

Just as his popular geodesic domes (below) use one-fourth (and therefore SAVE 60%) of the materials of a standard building and are 50x more structurally stable and able to be erected in 2 days instead of months.!!! Hell Yeah ... that's true application of knowledge for all people!

Fuller was a VERY farsighted thinker and he was telling us about TODAY in 1938, articulating the pathway the very crisis we now face. His Approach to service to humanity was to say .... "ok people, i see it. call me a kook if you will - but here is the appropriate technology to head off these large scale problems you are about to have." and every year we move deeper into the future, the more his concepts and inventions are changing status from "Interesting Curiosity" to
"Critically needed Solutions to Urgent design/ecology problems"

this was his way to advocate peaceful human progress, world resource management and
"Generalized Comprehensive Anticipatory Design-Science"

which is a Fully Articulated Grand Strategy for keeping All Humans Growing & avoiding Techno/Ecological Catastrophe
caused by pollutive, frustrative, outdated, pointless, or wrongly applied technology and focusing on "Livingry" (the opposite of Weaponry)
which can make peoples lives more free, safe, sane, enriched, non-destructive, and option-filled for a minimum of resources/energy and Bucky stressed repeatedly this can all be done: "without anyone having to profit at the expense of another."
Visit the Buckminster Institute Webpage
to learn more about current applications of these 'more with less' design principles
plus a huge number of Buckminster Fullers books and lectures are available in FULL for NO CHARGE!

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