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Dig the Amazingly cosmic, relaxed and beatific (almost mona-lisa like) smile on this statue from Angor-wat,
the largest religious monument on the planet, Located in the jungles of Cambodia.
From the crown on the statue's head to the shapes of the temples - their art & design was very fractal and recursive.

 Graffiti / Mural / Political statement in IRAQ
- after the prison scandal. I thought it's symbolism was quite well conceived.
Bucky Fuller - Genius of friendly technology, advocate of peaceful human progress, world resource management
and Inventor of "Generalized Comprehensive Anticipatory Design-Science",
a strategy for avoiding techno/ecological catastrophe - more @ www.bfi.org

Buckminster Fuller's watch-chain
with geometric crystals collected on his worldwide travels

In the mid 90's a new form of Carbon was discovered
and named Buckminsterfullerine, it forms hollow spheres and tubes, aka "Fullerines"

Breaking the Law, right out in public. He out to know better ...
I don't care what people do with flags one way or the other,
I'm only pointing this out because Bush supported a new "flag-desecration amendment" making it a 'criminal act' to deface the American flag, as he is seen doing in this photo.

Now it makes perfect sense!!! I always wondered how Mr. Limbaugh could maintain such an amazing stream of meaningless bullsh*t. Turns out he was strung out on narcotic pills - which have a tendency to make one spout nonsense and gloat a lot.


KUDZU - Photograph I took in Jackson Mississippi

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YOU ARE HERE: Homepage > Random Images > Images & Commentary Page 3

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