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Weird / Educational / Inspirational / Confusing / Fascinating pix and Information
- from the web and beyond

Moon Io
- in transit across Jupiter, with immense and colorful rolling storms in background.
4-D Motion: shows time as a vector.
At left
is a 2-d map of the orbits of Io, Callisto, Europa and Ganyamede around Jupiter. At right you see the 4-D map of the spiral or corkscrew orbits of the moons around the sun-orbiting planet.
Whoa!! speaking of huge spirals - Giant Ammonite Fossil shell - Just imagine the slug that was living inside that one!.

I have no information on this image,

I possibly found it at http://www.WFMU.org
the ONLY radio station on earth
It's Fascinating though .... almost surreal

Water Salad?
Hamburger Candy? YES!
These amazing food items and many others can be obtained by traveling to
Japan, Korea, Hong Kong or Thailand. If you want weird food - Asian is the way to go.

700+ year old cave-painting - looks like Mickey Mouse™
This made the news last spring ...
maybe time travelers in Mickey mouse masks?

Al Hubbard: An American super-spy and uranium entrepreneur, became the first Johnny Appleseed of LSD,
turning on thousands of people, including scientists, politicians, intelligence officials, diplomats, church figures, and housewives. "If you don't think it's amazing," said Hubbard, "just go ahead and try it."

For such a pivotal character in recent history, Al Hubbard is remarkably little known. He is the unsung man who almost single-handedly introduced the world to LSD.

Albert Hoffman invented it, but Al is the one who, in the very early years, gave it away like candy to some of the most influential people on the planet.

"Al had a grandiose idea that if he could give the psychedelic experience to the major executives of the Fortune 500 companies, he would change the whole of society."

As a CIA & NSA agent, Hubbard's secret high-level connections allowed him to expose over 6,000 people
to LSD before it was effectively banned in '66. He also hated lazy dirty hippies!!

He shared the Psychedelic experience with a prominent Monsignor of the Catholic Church in North America,
explored the roots of alcoholism on LSD with AA founder Bill Wilson
stormed the pearly gates with Aldous Huxley (in a session that resulted in the psychedelic tome Heaven and Hell), as well as
supplying most of the fashionable Beverly Hills psychiatrists, who, in turn, turned on many Hollywood stars including ...
Cary Grant, James Coburn, Jack Nicholson, novelist Anais Nin and filmmaker Stanley Kubrick.
(text adapted from a web article about Al)

Rocket Booster Trail Illuminated by Sunset in California

Don't have any additional info on this pic ......

Weird Ads: this is from a site that had posted some hilarious ads
found on a bulletin board in an apartment building in NYC.
There were dozens like this ... (WTF!?)

NOT FAKE! This African bull holds the Guinness Record
for largest horns on any living mammal ...

a cool musical illusion:

this is an old one ... the Strawberry poptart blowtorch
apparently if the toaster doesn't pop-up, the outer coating fuses shut, the filling becomes super-heated and pressurized!
Eventually it squirts out as 3-foot high deadly tongues of napalm-like flame!!!!
Not sure if the recipe is the same today, this was in 1996.

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