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Page 13:
Weird / Educational / Inspirational / Confusing / Fascinating pix and Information
- from the web and beyond
here are some ways to spend time if you have nothing better to do

Get Your War On!!!

Amazing Visionary Apocalyptic Artwork!!!! The LAST BREAKFAST!!!!
Do a Google Search to learn the mysterious circumstances surrounding this artwork ......

If you are really bored - lick the stamps on the screen
right above these words and stare at the photo
to the right for about 3 to 6 hours
. . . . .
You always knew he was evil ... ever since you were a child,
you probably would never have wanted to be left alone in a room with "Ronald McDonald"
The photo above captures the TRUE Spirit of the Negative Entity known in ancient Demonological Lore as RNLDMCDNLD

Alternate Quantum Potential Universe Checker
lots of entertaining and educational info from the brilliant and rightfully grumpy mega-mind at
Bananna Assault Snack Idea from xmission


Above: The actual ad campaign that
caused the bananna assualt response at xmission.

This guy is funny as hell! If you are overly-sensitive you might find it offensive - but most often his unrestrained cynical assault on anyting that pisses him off is right on target.

The Only Church
that makes absolute sense of non-sense

It's a little known fact that the internet as we know it today
was literally created and envisioned by many computer pioneers
of the SubGenius Persuasion (the dominant
computer-geek religion since 1981)
click the pic to learn more about this mysterious cult
King Diamond Christmas Card !!!!!

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YOU ARE HERE: Homepage > Random Images > Images & Commentary Page 13

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