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Page 11:
Weird / Educational / Inspirational / Confusing / Fascinating pix and Information
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Thank you for being a neuron in the externalized Global Brain
Giving birth to a new awareness
FORGET about Ralph Nader - for real progress,
join Robert Anton Wilson's Guns & Dope party
My favorite lunch-box
Introducing Sweedish ELVIS impersonator Eilert Pilarm - Check the archives at WFMU.org to hear him ;)
he looks and sounds nothing like Elvis ... therefore he is the ULTIMATE Elvis clone!!!

Strange Ronald Mcdonald Pix found on the web:

ok ... i'm pretty openminded, i'm not opposed to insane toys for kids, but this is not good ... WTF were they thinking?
Kaba-Kick - Russian Roulette for KIDS !!!!!!(???)!!!!!!

I found this pic on some blog,
don't remember where,
but the expression and body language
of this kid sent me on a trip down memory lane ....

I remember that!
This kid is on one of his first LSD or Magic Mushroom trips. He's thinking
"whoah man ... this is so beautiful, i can taste the energy-color vibrations from the grass and flowers"

after a while the novelty of these effects wear off,
the beauty does not wear off ...
these enhanced perceptions are like
switching your "mind's eye" tv-screen
we look thru everyday
from a shitty black & white TV
to a high-definition DVD surround sound home-theater.
this is certainly NOT an exaggeration
... ask anyone who's been there ;)
Airplane Poop!

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The best Tour EVER!! Ask for "Plan B"!

The sad truth of SUV's

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YOU ARE HERE: Homepage > Random Images > Images & Commentary Page 11

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