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I don't know if this is 'real' or not ... looks a bit posed
but i suppose it's not too uncommon to find such things in the woods as an
ice-encrusted deer carcass sticking up out of a creek .... maybe
An African-American Serviceman
in Iraq puts some Scotch-Irish Bagpipe tones
to work in harmonizing the tension

No Question about the authenticity of this next image though ...
but *WHY* is a mystery apparently known only to Germans

The weathered hands of a 105 year old human about to be laid to rest
I forget who, when or where, but i had to save this pic ...

Black chicks have some amazing creativity and boldness when it comes to hair fashions ... how about this "Choppa'Style" hairdoo, the cord may indicate the chopper blades actually rotate!!! WOW!

Found this on the web ... i'm fascinated by poorly done, home-made or just unusual advertising, i always have been.
here is an amazing instance ... i'm guessing the chinese people who made the crayon box art didn't know that the american
character symbols used are TOTALLY SYNONOMOUS with FOOD in our culture. These crayons preactically scream ... EAT ME!

What's on TeeVee Tonight Honey?

...... from the highly acute http://www.mnftiu.cc/ - home of 'Get Your War On!'

Philo U. Drummond, Primary Subgenius Overman Second Authorized MegaFisTemple Lodge of the Church of the SubGenius / Drummondian. Copyright 2004 Algorithms and Technology R Us Software Group and Vernon Q. Sizzlechest
Go here and check the Puzzling Evidence Radio Archives!
A litte thingie (free floating meme) that
was making it's way around the web ... might be from Guru Adi-Da or aka Franklin Jones
What would be the ultimate in dexterity and indestructability in physical form, once we start engineering ourselves on that level ... here's a nice one i'd love to try out, the cyber-nano-structured fractal star body.
check this guy's website out, Lots of amazing information ... useful stuff
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YOU ARE HERE: Homepage > Random Images > Images & Commentary Page 1

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