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Andy Goldsworthy

creates art from nature.
for example
stones arranged by color,
balanced to form a black void

all of his art is temporary and created outdoors
if the wind blows it away,
he starts over again.

he works with leaves, rocks, seasons, cycles,
snow, ice, sticks, and organic materials.

see leaves below.

Andy Goldsworthy

leaves collected from
a single tree species at fall

FINALLY! Yesssss

and Star-Trek doors that open to the width of your body!

VERY NICE Overhead photo of SF Bay - love the depth & color in this image!!!!

More fun pill inventions (actually from a very cool artist ... uh, can't find the name or link anymore)

Protect your Family:

More slakkak on the following pages .....
Random Archive II - - - - - - - - - - 10°

YOU ARE HERE: Homepage > Random Images > Random Images II - Page 9

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