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Random Archive II - - - - - - - - - - 10°

Time to learn the story behind the story of history ....

Special Message from Erich Von Daiiniken .. Author of "Charriots of the Gods"


have you checked your local or national
terror alert level TODAY? This WEEK? ....EVER?


it's important to wash
three times a day and keep lots of duct-tape

A nice photo I took
of some "Boiling Clouds"
at sunset, illuminated from
underneath. taken near
Centinneal park in Nashville Tn
Micro-Photo of 12 types of Pollen Grains -
check out the wonderful GEOMETRY of these objects.

(no wonder they make you sneeze)

"Go Get 'Em Cowboy!"

Psychologically Fascinating piece of "Art" or experiment?
"Hell Yeah ... nothing is impossible or improbable anymore"
The outside is totally mirrored, so nobody can see in, but the inside is transparent -
so the user can see out in all 5 directions!!!
This gives the feeling of 'using the bathroom' out in public, even though no-one can see you.

give it rounded corners and a one-piece injection molded form and this is the bathroom of the future!

Three otherwise 'straight' male cats
mount each-other sexually
in the name of pheremone research, LOL

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Random Archive II - - - - - - - - - - 10°

YOU ARE HERE: Homepage > Random Images > Random Images II - Page 8

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