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Another abandoned theme park ... Mount Fuji in the background(?)

What is he doing?
George looks like he's used to it, and why is the other guy smiling so much? These PPL are CREEPY! The only reason i'm posting this is because of the Jeff Gannon/James guckert scandal at the white house. Gannon was a male prostitute posing as a journalist and fielding Bush softball questions at press events. When his past and credentials were exposed it was discovered that he had apparently has nearly unlimited access to the white-house, much of it during "off hours" ... which raises some interesting questions. Gannon's "specialty" was 'service' with light military-style S&M / bondage. No big-deal except for the UTTER HYPOCRACY of the admin's stance on gays/military and related issues.

this one rocks ...
note the relative size of buildings in the background

Strange cloud formation photographed

Photo as the formation started to take shape

what apparently started as an airplane contrail evolved into a titanic cylindrical rotating cloud mass, with fan-like arms stretching out and another almost fish-shaped one below it. Totally weird, but could be an airborne chemical reaction from a fuel or chemical dumping by a plane.
location unknown, lost link to more data.
comments on the RIBBON-BASED ECONOMY:

or a Giant Cootie

..On a lighter note, here are the pleasingly organic cross-sectional Toroids revealed when we cut through a hypersphere
(Topological form: 4th dimensional sphere composed of infinite spheres within spheres connected by a torus axis)

the ultimate video game by RANDGUN was NEVER released
... due to themes uncomfortably similar to 911 and a release date scheduled for around that time ;(

the wounds have healed now, so let's get this sucker RELEASED!!!!!!! It's a forgotten Classic!
TOTALLY SURREAL: starring Dolemite 'Rudy Ray Moore', Tony Friggin HAWK,
Jon Luc, Timothy Friggin LEARY, DEVO, Steve Albini, Chris Carter and, rev. Ivan Stang& other true freaks!

VIEW THE Brain-Exploding TRAILER: http://www.duelinfiremen.com/movies_02.html
- and DEMAND that the game is eventually released. It could change 'reality' forever!!!!

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Random Archive II - - - - - - - - - - 10°

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