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Habitual Collection of Random Images - Obsessive Disorder or Harmless Hobby?
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Page 4:
Weird / Educational / Inspirational / Confusing / Fascinating pix and Information
many of these were discovered on a search-tool that logs new unsorted images loaded to livejournal

Hairless cats look like aliens!
The "hemmingway" or Polydactly (6 to 9 toed) cat has always been my favorite breed.
I need to find out more about this hariless one. Probably expensive, but what a cute little mutant ...

Wow, that 12-string bass looks imposing ... how many strings do ya need?
I don't know who this guy is, but i've seen another photo of him on WFMU.org

Kinnesaw High-School Dance Performance Gone Wrong:

Apparently during some kind of dance with flags and sabres (which look like fake gun stocks)
this girl smacked herself in the head with a flag or something. She kept on going with the dance,
but then her head started bleeding profusely - making for an interesting set of pix.
On With the Show! Don't Be a Quitter, lol.

Beautiful photo of rainbow colored sulphur-loving bacterial colonioes at a thermal spring

FYI: Restroom Hygeine Instructions - "Be a Smart Person" WTF?

Christian Clown Ministry ...
If you're brave, look up those exact words on YouTube
and watch the VIDEOs of this (Careful: It's scary!)

Space Shuttle COLUMBIA Disintegrating on Re-entery.
I remember the morning SO clearly,
i'm very interested in human space travel,
so it was a very shocking and surreal morning.

OUCH!! Weightlifter dislocates elbow at the 2008 Olympics.

from the Muppet Show!


ALI knocks out all 4 Beatles in one punch

Wow .. ok,
.... I guess LEMURS do that sometimes

Cool shot
found on LiveJournal
of a potentailly dangerous girl with an axe - something is groovy about the composition of this pic

below: Sleeping Pencil drawing I found on LiveJournal

The Latest Permutation of the "every time you masturbate GOD kills a kitten" saga

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YOU ARE HERE: Homepage > Random Images > April 2006 Random Images, Page 4

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