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Habitual Collection of Random Images - Obsessive Disorder or Harmless Hobby?
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Page 1:
Weird / Educational / Inspirational / Confusing / Fascinating pix and Information
many of these were discovered on a search-tool that logs new unsorted images loaded to livejournal

This is a Real Photo!
Looks like a video game or computer generated imagery, but it's a huge housing area outside of
Mexico city seen from helicopter. I found it on the website of a guy who does chopper tours of mexico.
All of the concrete-block houses are painted alike, giving an eerie sameness to the landscape.

Air Pollution in Mexico City, from the same website.
Geez, it's like a dirty shroud hanging in the air over the whole city

Microscopic Photograph

stained cross-sections of plants, revealing patterns of plant cell growth

Rejected Crayon colors
-and- Primordial Soup
- -

"Psychic" Gary Spivey !!! This page would not be complete without a few shots
of the man with the unspoken, unknown anomaly on his head
(Anyone remember his 1-900 psychic line tv commercial back in the 1990's?)

Doppleganger Comix ...

Customized Camera-Phones!

Orwell Would be Proud

More Images & Ideas

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YOU ARE HERE: Homepage > Random Images > April 2006 Random Images, Page 1

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