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Ancient Peruvian Cities
Photographs from Peru

A trip to the sacred sites and ancient cities of Peru and Bolivia
It seems I have always been blessed with some strange types of "luck", but around 1999 the Universe saw fit to gift me with the astounding luck of making a trip to the sacred sites in South America. The trip was initiated by a friend who had traveled there to experience the rainforest, the shamanic culture and to experience an ayahuasca ceremony. He was generous enough to invite a group of friends from Tennessee & Arkansas. I was invited to come along on a 2 week tour of the sacred sites and ancient cities of Peru and Bolivia.

I learned about the spiritual cultures of the native people & was able to participate in 'planetary healing ceremonies' at the island of the Sun, island of the Moon, lake Titikaka, Pisaq, Tiahuanaco and at that time it was still possible to book a private night-time ceremony at Maccu Picu if you knew the right people. There are no lights installed in the complex and at night it's completely dark and totally empty of people. We played drums, bells and didjireedoos at the city complex at midnight, and also hummed into the resonation chambers on the outside of the complex (really intense if you get a few people doing the same tone in a row of the resonant boxes!!)
We stayed in an interesting hotel at one point, in the desert on the way to Cuzco. It was claimed that it was situated at a major intersection of "grid lines" or "ley lines" of geo-magnetic force. Only 50 feet away there was a fenced off area of ancient phallic monuments. I started noticing the hotel was very interesting - an indoor waterfall with giant crystals and geodes around it, paintings of sunsets with glimmering UFO's, the keyring had a brass dolphin, etc. The guide informed me the hotel's owner was an operative of 'the great white brotherhood' and this was one of their deals - to have meeting places near major grid points.

I didn't have my camera for this one .. but the place at the right is a doorway into solid stone, in an outcropping in the middle of Nowhere ... I think it was on the way down to Bolivia. you have to stop on the road and walk quite a distance to find it, as you approach it it seems to be almost a throne, or door & the entire front of the rock facing has been smoothed. if you kneel into the opening, there is a circular indentation that is at eye level. Very interesting place. here are a few more photos i was able to find.

. .

If anyone knows the name & location of this structure in Peru, please send me an email.

The general vibe was very relaxed in Peru and the people were friendly. It was easy to forget all the cares of my life in the USA and live in the moment. Peru has every type of landscape imaginable; Ice-capped mountains, beaches, deserts, springs, rainforest and dense urban cities. Some areas are in desperate poverty of a type americans cannot imagine. The effects of increased tourism and western interest were also becoming apparent. huge piles of trash dumped in the desert, plastic bottles in the sacred river, etc. Its a severe problem in Machu Picchu because there are no roads in or out - just a 3 hr train trip, and huge mounds of trash are building up in ravines and rivers from the intense tourism and trash generating lifestyle of the westerners.

Here are a few photos from this trip

Very Large Pics (900x600)
Mid-sized pics
Machu Picchu from afar #1
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Sunset on lake Titikaka

click pic for VERY large copy
Sun Gate at Tiahuanaco, Bolivia

click pic for larger copy
Long Road up to Machu picchu

click pic for VERY large copy
Inti' Raymi harvest fest in Cuzco

click pic for VERY large copy
Lake Titikaka

click pic for larger copy
Mountain across from Machu picchu

click pic for VERY large copy
Faces at Tiahuanaco, Bolivia

click pic for VERY large copy
Excavated Ruins at Pisaq

click pic for larger copy
Stone wall in Cuzco

click pic for VERY large copy
Statue in Tiahuanaco, Bolivia

click pic for VERY large copy
Central Statue in Tiahuanaco, Bolivia

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Machu Picchu from afar #2

click pic for VERY large copy
Mountains surrounding Machu Picchu

click pic for VERY large copy
Moon island, lake Titikaka

click pic for larger copy
Andes mountains seen from Bolivia

click pic for VERY large copy
Town at the base of Machu Picchu

click pic for VERY large copy
Sun island, Lake Titikaka

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