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miqel.com 2008 - RECENT UPDATES
The site has been growing cobwebs over the last year, due to other internet projects, work and general life stuff.
I've been collecting and writing material for new sections and wishing to restore some of the old ones but it seems there is so much happening on the web and in the world that it's hard to have the discipline to juggle it all. Until I get that figured out & simplified, all new updates, links and findings will be loaded to this page, with the newest at the top.
2008 Egg / Bacon Fashions Are Back In STYLE!Sept/Oct 2008: MY FULL CRYSTAL

To raise funds to meet with Paul Laffoley at Esozone 2008 on mid Oct! Buy Before October 6th!
Images and Prices of Crystals - Quartz, Selenite, Moldavites, Fluorite & more

Sept 2008: Plastics Chemical Linked to Diabetes, Cancer & Heart Disease
Tips for Reducing BPA Contamination In Your Food

Sept 2008: Started 'Antiques, Oddities and Rare Items For Sale Online' page
Rare Pop-Culture / Sci-fi Collectibles, Antiques, Comix & Books For Sale

Sept 2008: Uploaded Version 1.0 of "Solved & Unsolved Mysteries" page
Explained Mysteries and Unexplained Anomalies

Aug 2008: Random Image Gallery page 6 = MST3K Shrine & Classic TV Stuff
Favorite TV Shows + 2 Full Episodes of Mystery Science Theater; "Space Mutiny" & "Master Ninja 1 "

Aug 2008: Uploaded two Jackson, Mississippi related pages;
Satellite Images of my Hometown & Old hangouts

Jackson MS. Underground Art, Punk & Zine Scene - 1987 - 1993

Aug 2008: Even MORE Random Images - Gallery 3
(in progress)
Diversity of Images & Commentary from 2007 Browsing

Aug 2008: Added Tisziji Munoz Page with sample audio clips
(Zen Master, Guitarist & Author)
Tisziji Munoz - the "REAL" Guitar Hero

Aug 2008: Paid Links SEO Scam Exposed by Miqel.com
Deceptive SEO Company / gr-ads.com = WeBuildPages.com & InternetMarketingNinjas

July 2008: BONNAROO Pages - updated and organized
Bonnaroo Photos - 2005, 2005, 2007, 2008
Trees Draw Pictures of Chaos
ALL MY Saved Links and News Stories from 2007
With Commentary Part I
Even More News Part II

Endless News & Links Part III
(see list below)

Work History Page/ Resume - I'm Looking for New Projects
2007 - 2008 News & Stories: Part 3:
The Universe in Images: Awesome cosmic diagrams
Some of the Bogus Memes in 2007 - Solar System mixup
1914 Masonic Encyclopedia Online (minus the page on "Illuminati" - oops!)
The Visual Art of Solving Complex Problems
Rap Related Mathematical Charts and Graphs
Micrographia 1667: Ultra-Antique Book, scan & drawings
Late-Night Infomercial Product Reviews! Mostly Crap!
Biblical Prophecy Infographics - Cool Apocalypse Charts
AntiWikipedia Entry for Miqel.com

IRON-MAN the Movie w/ Robert Downey Jr
Food Pairing Networks - Taste relationship diagrams
Liberia War - (Caution - Graphic/Disturbing War Scenes)
CIA owned Drug Plane Coverups - Major Supressed Story!
After Naming Names, Still Little US Coverage of Sibel Edmonds
Conspiracy ADDICTS and the Boy Who Cried Wolf
Objections and Suggestions on Engineering Expanded Consciousness, Well-Being and Life Extension


Mind-melting FREE music-mix series, 840 minutes total, 30 min. trax

http://www.myspace.com/nuwabu5 & nuwabu6
January 2008:

New Visionary Art Gallery - Grant Wallace
Who lived in an isolated cabin in the 1920s and produced 100's of Laffoley-esque metaphysical charts and diagrams that languished in an abandoned building for 50 years. It's a miracle they were recovered. Not much is known presently, but more of this work will emerge in the future..

January 2008:

YouTube "Nuwabu / Miqel.com" Channel Explodes! (UPDATE Jan 15th - ACCT DELETED BY YOUTUBE ... Not Sure Why, OUCH! DAMMIT! I put many many hours into that page ... ugh)

(WAS) Hovering at #55 most-viewed (All-time) in the 'Guru' Category for the last 4 months!
Stats: Over 3.5 million video views, 35,000 profile views and 690 subscribers in just one year, with ZERO Advertising or hype!

Once again, Praise "BOB" for good luck - here are some highlights,
Or visit the page directly at this link - http://www.youtube.com/mwowm23

Made Some Updates to the "About Miqel" Page:

Improved the layout,
Change the photo,
expanded my mission statement,
included links to articles i've contributed to other sites
and added links to all current web projects.

December 2007 / January 2008:
Greetings Fellow TravelersList of Upcoming Additions to MIQEL.com in 2008:
These pages are all 75% Finished, it's just a matter of double-checking everything,
adding images, making small text edits and loading them up.
Click the DONATIONS BUTTON at top to speed up the process!

• New-Science Breakthroughs page
• Important Environmental updates page
. Time-Saving Free Internet Resources & Handy Links
. NanoTechnology section
. Health & Longevity News
• Miscellaneous Thoughts and Rants
• Reading Library Section 2: PDF Downloads and Misc. Articles

• Autodidactism: How to Learn to Learn
• Gallery: My Crystal & Mineral collection
• Gallery: Religious Tracts and Antique Advertisments
• Gallery: Scans from 1970s UFO Magazine Collection

• Futurist News section: mind uploading, panspermia, cloning, genetics, etc.
• Basic Glossary of Futurist / Transhumanist ideas & concepts
• List of Social Control / Mindwar Techniques & how to stay somewhat mentally 'free'
• List of Confirmed Intentional Media Disinfo Stories
• Guide To Identifying Disinfo and False Bulletins on Myspace
• Guide To Physical & Mental Pros / Cons of ALL 'Recreational' Drugs
• New and Old Mysteries: Updates on the unexplained & the explained

Tisziji Munoz, Guitar Guru - Listen on myspaceOn-going Projects: New Tisziji.com Site & Tisziji Munoz Myspace Profile
Myspace page launched Mid-April 2007 - New Site launched Jan 2008

Tisziji Munoz appears to be one of the few musician/artist/mystics who reliably perceives & reflects the deepest known truths almost all of the time. For those not aware of Tisziji, he is a Puerto Rican Guitarist from NYC who has attained a state of 'Radical Enlightenment'.

I met Tisziji in 2004 and recently created a Myspace page for Tiz to share his music and philosophy with a broader group of people. He has lived away from any public recognition of his vast musical and literary achievements.
He prefers to live a life of quiet spiritual service to mankind through asking the most serious questions possible about who and what we are as human beings and Infinite Spirits.

BBC-3 Radio Feature on Tisziji
Tisziji on BBC
- Jan 11th 2008

Interview with Tisziji on Harvard University Radio in 2003

Download: Tisziji interview MP3 pt.1 - Tisziji interview MP3 pt.2

And if you are a MySpace user,
feel free to add the New
Tisziji Munoz Myspace Profile

There are so many amazing things on myspace & on the web in general, but there wasn't much online or even any discussions happening about Paul Laffoley or Tisziji Munoz
. So I feel it's the best service i can do, to help bring these truly amazing artist/philosophers to a broader audience. & it's working out good, maybe the time has come where Tisziji & Paul will get their visionary messages out to the public!
I think the world will be a better place if that happens ;)

Soon to be REVIEWS: Recent Movies i've Seen -

BRAZIL (Terry Gilliam)
X-Men trilogy -
Fight Club (yes .. i waited forever to see it)
The Machinist
A Scanner Darkly (PKD / Richard Linklater)
Time-Bandits (Terry Gilliam)

REVIEWS OF INTERNET FILMS: (Mostly Politics & Conspiracy)
The Century of SELF, Parts 1-4 - on Google video, produced by the BBC
911 - LOOSE CHANGE - versions 1,2,3, .....and counting ;)
911 - Anti Loose Change - Arguments and counter-arguments
Welcome To Terrorland - the Venice Flying Circus, and others by Daniel Hosticker
TerrorStorm, False-Flag, Bohemian Grove, Aaron Russo interview, and about 8 others - Alex jones
G.H.W. Bush / JFK Involvement Film

Power To The People:

As a side effect of managing a popular site & being involved with Laffoley, Tisziji, etc.
I've met many, many new and amazing friends, it's a great pleasure & honor to meet so many talented and forward moving people!
NAMASTE to all of you / we / it / am / is


Professional Experience and Work Examples
Personal Skills and Interests
Bookshelf Listings
•Associations & Friends
•Religious Tract Collection
•Crystal & Mineral Collection
•1970's UFO Mag Scans
•Coleman Archive/Museum of Oddities
•Hometown Tour: Jackson, MS
Trip: Peru & Bolivia; Sacred Sites 1999 - photos
Trip: Bonaroo 2004/5
•Trip: MardiGraz 2004
“We are called to be architects of the future, not its victims.” - Bucky Fuller

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