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Miqel.com 2007 Links & News Part I II III
Nashville Tn - Web Design, Content Development and Biz presentationsPage II of 2007 Psychotronic News Links from Miqel.com - Quick Update:
Its been a while since i've posted regularly ... been busy trying to keep things balanced at work and dealing with the slowdown (aka. recession) in the economy. I have been self-employed for the last 5 years doing internet related design, site development and marketing strategy and the past few months business has dropped off considerably and consequently i've been steadily creeping into debt & am just now starting to freak out about it.As an artist it's not really in my nature to promote 'myself', I just like to do the work I do without becoming yet another ad. but perhaps i can look at it as promoting not 'self' but a set of intellectual attributes and skills which I am willing to engage in a financial exchange ... so
To hire a mutant genius with a long list of references and successful projects to assist in your
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2007 LINKS Part II - Eclectic Bogaloo: Catching up on Meme Sharing ... In 2007 I saved hundred of links to interesting stuff I found online, for eventual use in postings on Miqel.com. However i never seemed to "have time" or the psychic energy necessary to get these up on my site. Here's some food for thought with brief commentary and/or related links. I also have a growing list of links i've saved in 2008, but first things first. Here are a couple dozen articles, images, ideas, discoveries and mysteries I noticed in 2007, many of which might be interesting to mutants, futants, neophiles, weirdos (and even 'normals') of all types.


Universe Review -http://universe-review.ca/index.htm

map of time-scales and events in the universe
A Review of the Universe - Structures, Evolutions, Observations, and Theories

AWESOME Diagrams of your favorite cosmic entities:
"The Observable Universe, Big Bang Theory, CMBR (Cosmic Microwave Background Radiation) Spectrum, CMBR Fluctuations, Wilkinson Microwave Anisotropy Probe (WMAP), Dark Energy, Dark Matter, Parallel Universes, Multiverse - the Unobservable Universe"

Do YOU Love the Universe that you are? Want to understand what is known of it at all scales?

This site is packed with HUNDREDS OF KICK-ASS revealing diagrams of y(our) cosmological anatomy


Bogus interpretation of data about Earth origin
Not Exactly As Depicted - Some of the Bogus Memes in 2007

Scientists Now Know: We're Not From Here!
"Summary & comments by Dan Eden for Viewzone
Imagine the shock of growing up in a loving family with people you call "Mum" and "Dad" and then, suddenly, learning that you are actually adopted!
This same sense of shock came as scientists announced that the Sun, the Moon, our planet and its siblings, were not born into the familiar band of stars known as the Milky Way galaxy, but we actually belong to a strange formation with the unfamiliar name of the Sagittarius Dwarf galaxy!"
A new infra red digital survey of the entire sky was made in 2003. Teams from the universities of Virginia and Massachusetts used a supercomputer to sort through half a billion stars to create a -- NEW STAR MAP showing our Solar System (yellow circle) to be at the exact nexus crossroads where two galaxies are actually joining.

Comment: This one had me going .. for a couple of hours.
long enough to tell my roommates ... and then later had to
inform them i was full of shit after I looked this up.

Here's the correction from Bad Astronomy.com

"Here’s how the writer from Viewzone sets this up; I have synopsized but kept his argument intact:
1) The Milky Way is eating a smaller galaxy, called the Sagittarius Dwarf galaxy.
2) Because this galaxy has far less mass than our own, the Milky Way has far stronger gravity.
This has destroyed the other galaxy, turning it into a long stream of stars.
3) This stream is at an angle to the plane of the Milky Way’s disk, and intersects that disk.
4) The Sun is very near the position of this intersection. The odds of this happening are very low.
5) Therefore, the Sun originally came from the dwarf galaxy, and is not originally from the Milky Way.

The Milky Way is the blue spiral, the dwarf galaxy is the red stream, and the Sun’s position is marked by the yellow dot. See how the dwarf galaxy is tilted with respect to the Milky Way? That means that all the stars from that galaxy are orbiting the Milky Way at that angle. So if the Sun came from the dwarf, we’d be orbiting the Milky Way at that angle ourselves! We’re not.
Studies of the Sun’s motion relative to the plane of the Milky Way (using the stars, globular clusters, other galaxies, and many other sources) make it a rock-solid certainty that the Sun’s orbit is in fact in the plane of the Milky Way. It’s not plunging through the disk at a high angle at all. So right away we see that the claim that the Sun is alien to the Milky Way is complete rubbish.

Seriously, we’re done here. You can stop.
Oh, you want more? OK. Let’s continue the smackdown.

If you read the Viewzone article (or the original claim from a site called, interestingly, CureZone) you can see they don’t understand this angle issue at all! They do seem to get that the stream is at an angle to the Milky Way, but they also claim that this is why the plane of our solar system is at an angle to the Milky Way’s plane, which is a bizarre (and totally incorrect) idea.

First, the plane of the solar system (defined, really, by the plane of the Earth’s orbit) is tilted with respect to the Milky Way’s plane by about 60 degrees or so. But this is not a big deal; the Sun formed from a gas cloud 4.6 billion years ago, and any number of forces would have caused that cloud to collapse such that the plane of our solar system could be pointed any which way. There’s no reason to assume the two planes would align.
Second, the articles never actually make the case that the solar system is aligned with the angle of the Sagittarius dwarf stream! If the Sun came from that galaxy, and they make these claims about angles and planes, don’t you think they’d actually see if our solar system aligns with the dwarf galaxy? That should set off alarm bells in your head. Anyway, by looking at the illustration I can see right away that the tilt of the solar system is not aligned with the dwarf galaxy’s star stream either.

Look: the important thing to see here is that the angle of the Milky Way in the sky is not important at all. What counts is the Sun’s orbit around the center of the Milky Way. And the Sun’s orbit is aligned perfectly with the plane of the Milky Way, and not at all in the plane of the Sagittarius dwarf [pic above of suns orbit - miqel].
So again, we’re done. But of course, I can always add more. It does seem a coincidence that the Sun happens to be near the intersection point of the two galaxies. But look at the drawing: the stream from the dwarf galaxy is far, far larger than the Milky Way. If we belong to the dwarf galaxy, what are the odds that at this point in time we’d be almost exactly in the center of the plane of the Milky Way? A star in the dwarf stream would spend billions of years, going around the Milky Way, but only spend about a million years plunging through the Milky Way’s disk, and a fraction of that right at the midplane. The odds of us being precisely at the halfway point through the Milky Way’s disk just as this discovery is made are incredibly, ridiculously low. It makes a lot more sense if we are instead part of the Milky Way, and happen to be near where the two galaxies meet.
Conclusion: we’re native to the Milky Way.

(minus a few select pages?)

masonic books masonic acronyms and codes



Comment: I actually own an original copy of volume II of this book.
It's amazingly well produced - at right is a scan I made of the embossed leather-bound volume, and the title section. I get a lot of email requests from people wanting to buy the book or for me to scan other sections, etc. So I did a google search (like the emailer maybe should have tried before writing me, lol) and found that the WHOLE 2 volumes was online !!! This rocks because i only had Vol. II and was wishing I could find a copy of Vol. I, and now i can just add the link to my scans page for ppl who want to read or browse the whole thing. (ALMOST) Complete text / scans online! see note below ...

illuminati reference in supplementFUNNY NOTE: just because it's the most common question ..
"what does it say 'bout the illuminati?"
I went to copy their defnition of ILLUMINATI
from the "I" section online ....
And guess what?

The "H" section stops at page 330 and the NEXT PAGE is 359
on the word "Italy" -- skipping the whole section that would contain Iesus, Illumination, Illuminati, and also ISIS. That's Very interesting!!

Looks like I will have to keep looking for a print version of vol I, lol.
At the bottom of their page is a scan of a supplemental 'pronounciation dictionary' that is apparently part of the encyclopedia set. So i looked in there for the listings missing from the book vol. I, and found "Illuminati" in the section,(scanned below) so it's definitely part of the book even though the "I" section is missing in the online version.

complex problem analysis

The Art of Solving Complex Problems


Idiagram provides services to help our clients:
1 ) Think Clearly about complex problems
2 ) Communicate Effectively with the people who must act on those problems
We work with teams facing complex multi-faceted problems to:
* Build a sophisticated systemic understanding of complex problems and opportunities, * Develop broad strategic insight, * Design more creative solutions, * Make more effective decisions and more realistic plans, * Build shared vision, ownership, and enthusiasm, * Communicate effectively with others, * Follow through on the vision.

fractal or iterative problem solvingDoing these things well, and the synergy of doing them together, can have a profound impact on team knowledge, morale, and coordination. Our approach revolves around the use of visual models – diagrams, posters, PowerPoint presentations etc. – to facilitate better thinking, communication and coherent action. We help teams forge a clear and coherent picture of their varied knowledge and diverse perspectives. By catalyzing conversation and supplying a common map of the issues in question, a good visual model can help teams realize the synergy of their collective knowledge, and inspire them to move forward with a shared sense of understanding, ownership and purpose.

Our graphics are not ends in themselves but tools for creating understanding and action. Inspiring coherent action – motivating people to self-organize and work in concert towards a common goal – requires shared vision. That shared vision – a common understanding of the issues, the goals, and the means to achieve them – is the source from which all sustainable and coherent action flows.

Rap Related Mathematical Charts and Graphs


rap infographics

math of raprap statistics infographics
Literally about 3 dozen more Rap Graphs at the link ... some are funny, others suck.

Micrographia - 1667: Ultra-Antique Book scan & Drawings of objects seen in magnifying lens

Hooke, Robert, 1635-1703 / Micrographia: or some physiological descriptions of
minute bodies made by magnifying glasses : with observations and inquiries thereupon - [1667]

Observ. XXXV. Of the contexture and shape of the particles of feathers, pp. 165-167

Observ. XLII. Of a blue fly, pp. 182-185

Observ. XIV. Of several kindes of frozen figures, pp. 88-93

Comment: These are gorgeous drawings and it's amazing to envision the cat sitting there with his home-made magnifying lens seeing these microscopic sights for (probably but not definitely) the first time in human history. It's like the first maps of an entirely new world. Thanks to Ritzu-do for the link that led to finding this! ~Miqel
Hooke 1600's digramHooke 1600s drawing


"Consumer Ratings and Reviews of Products Sold on Late-Night Infomercials"


Ever wondered what happened to the folks who bought the junk for sale on the latest late-night Informercial? Ever had the urge to buy any of that stuff yourself?
Here's a site with listings and actual reviews of almost ALL of them. Surprisingly about 15% seem to work as promised and the customers are happy.
Others seem to follow a distinct pattern as seen in these reviews of the Tobi Steamer ... (~Miqel)

"Product Description - The Tobi Steamer claims to be the first portable and upright wrinkle remover. The Tobi Steamer is supposed to remove wrinkles up to 5 times faster than ironing. The infomercial claims the Tobi Steamer can remove wrinkles in one pass. Tobi Steamer is also supposed to remove odors.
Average Retail Value
$119.80 (prices may vary)

Consumer Ratings:

2/19/2008 - Joanne of California, USA writes:
I ordered my TOBI in mid Oct 2007 and received it end Oct 2007. I was excited about it and used it immediately. The damn thing leaked badly and soaked my carpet! Not to mentioned I was in danger of being electricuted. I emailed and called CS to get my unit changed. CS said the problem was with the water tank and that they will send one over to me. I waited for over a mth and still nothing. In Dec 2007, I got CS to agree to send me a return label.
IT IS ALREADY END OF FEBRUARY 2008 AND I STILL HAVEN'T RECEIVED ANYTHING FROM THEM! Just a bunch of liars and cheats who will verbally promise you but never act on it. Isn't there something like a consumer's association or consumer's rights law against companies like this? The product advertised on Informercial is a misrepresentation on the real thing. Where is the product integrity?!

2/17/2008 - Jen of Ontario, Canada writes:
I just purchased the Tobi today from []. Thank god that I could return this product because it only works on certain materials. The Tobi also leaks and is not stable. The steam does not go through the clothing as well as it does not wrinkle free the shirts. Please do not purchase this."

2/16/2008 - Helen of New York, USA writes:
I ordered this product after seeing the product on TV as I was ironing drapes! They sent 2 instead of 1 the free shipping turned out to be a company called Free shipping that charged over $100.00 to my credit card account this $119.00 product turned out to be a $330.00 nightmare.
It also is not performing as it does on TV, it leaks, gets to HOT in the tubing and leaves wrinkles so what did I get a headache, and body aches trying to get the wrinkles out of the drapery.

biblical chart graphBiblical Prophecy Infographics


"a collection of scripturally-correct infographic diagrams outlining several major biblical concepts, including
"The Seven Thousand Years Of Human History", "The Heavens", "The Resurrections and Judgments", or "The Failure Of Man"

these information diagrams were made by Clarence Larkin about 75 year ago &, while appearing sparse at first, seem to pack a lot of information into a concise format."

miqel.com on AntiwikipediaANTIWIKIPEDIA.COM

AntiWikipedia Entry for Miqel

Feel free to alter, expand, deface, clarify, obsfucate
or otherwise add embrassing stories about my past or future
to the AntiWiki miqel page ;)

Downey as Tony Stark
IRON-MAN the Movie
w/ Robert Downey Jr. as Tony Stark

I'm not advertising for this movie ... but it has a special place in my personal development.
IRON MAN by Black Sabbath from the "Paranoid" record is the FIRST MUSIC I EVER REMEMBER HEARING, PERIOD. Around Age 3 or 4.My uncle had that record, as well as Pink Floyd Animals and a weird record by "Sam the Sham and the Pharoahs".

Anyhow, Iron man is my first memory of music, i remember grooving to the guitar solo and the lyrics were about some dude "traveling time - for the future of mankind" which has resonances with the work I do for mental time-traveler / visionary trasndisciplinary artist Paul Laffoley, who definitely does that on some level. it's funny to notice parallels with my earliest programming and the fractal relationship to now.

Original Iron man LPMy first influences were: I Loved the "Space Giants" TBS 1970s precursor to power Rangers & transformers. 50ft robot/rocket family from another galaxy living in an artificial mountain and fighing evil forces for obscure reasons. Also went to see "Close Encounters of the 3rd kind" about 15 times and got all the books and related stuff, starting me into reading adult books on Ufology & paranormal stuff at age 8.

Star wars was cool, but it was 'just more space wars' to me, i could resonate with the deeper messages in CE-III such as peaceful contact with trippy aliens, universal communication using music and light, psychic impressions in mysteriously chosen contactees, government confusion on how to address the reality of other entities, relativistic effects on abductees, fear of higher intelligences and limitations in communication, etc. It was a lot to think about & heavily influential.

When I was in the hospital for the night having dental surgery at age 7, a relative got me some comic books and happened to pick out an IRON MAN comic, presumably remembering me dragging that record around the house. I later started collecting iron man comix and still have about 100 issues (which i outta E-BAY while thie movie is hot)

Also i LOVED Robert Downey jr.'s performance in the Phillip K Dick/ Linklatter "A Scanner Darkly" last year, it totally carried the movie and re-established him as a really good actor. PLUS the are using the Original Sabbath version of Iron Man as the theme ... that ROCKS!

Therefore, other than being just another marvel comics movie, IRON MAN as a song & storyline has threads running thru my life from my earliest memories. hopefully the movie will be worth actually paying to see it ... (~Miqel)

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Food association chart
Food Pairing Networks


a collection of simple network graphs illustrating how the flavor components of 250 different food products relate to each other, as a tool to inspire the creation of original recipes.

By comparing the flavor of each food product, such as strawberry, with the rest of the food & their flavors, new combinations such as "strawberry with peas" can be made.

the more flavors food products have in common,
the shorter the distance between the food products.

“A food product has a specific flavour because of a combination of different flavours. Like basil taste like basil because of the combination of linalool, estragol, ….

So if I want to reconstruct the basil flavour without using any basil, you have to search for a combination of other food products where one contains linalool (like coriander), one contains estragol (like tarragon),... So I can reconstruct basil by combining coriander, tarragon, cloves, laurel.

The way to use it is to take from each branch of the plot one product and make a combination of those food products.”

To explain better how to use the tool, we will publish recipes send to us by chefs worldwide.

To start with; a recipe of Kasteel Withof, a Michelin star restaurant in Belgium. If you go to foodpairing and chose rhubarb, you will find that you can combine it with fish (eg Mackerel), apple. So included is a recipe with those 3 food products.

Speaking of food pairing diagrams, check the recipes mentioned in this video clip ...


There are a ton of racist comments on the page i found this, but fuck all that shit. Violent behavior happens in all cultures and races, this is a fact that should not need any proof, although there's plenty available - just study basic world history. Also "civilized" people are only behaving that way in response to their present-moment circumstance in life. Recent research "the infamous prison guard study) found that people who score as completely normal college students with not a trace of violent tendancies will behave in cruel and brutal ways after just a few days when placed in a role of unchecked authority. IE anyone is capable of becoming criminally brutal in envoronments that provide a rational for it.

Here's a comment i copied that sums it up nicely ...~Miqel

"Anonymous said...
The current state in Liberia is no accident. It is an old practice known as the Hegelian Dialectic: problem, reaction and then of course..the solution. All poverty in third-world countries are brought about by those that control the money supply. The local bankers, the central bank, the IMF and the BIS. These are the ones that cause what we all just witnessed. This talk of AIDS and lawlessness, most of those that have posted on this blog, aren't even aware that HIV (a benign gene)is not the cause of AIDS, and AIDS for that matter is supposedly determined by as many as 30 possible illnesses.

Are you starting to get the picture? It's all about big business, not searching for a cure for a disease that doesn't even exist--people are dying from the medication and vaccination, not AIDS (THINK); and those on the ground struggling to survive are seen as cannon-fodder, expendable assets being used to get the job done.
You can look at this video, and comment on their conditions, but the truth is that all hell is breaking loose in America as well, but most will never realize this fact because they're caught inside the Matrix. If only they had the presence of mind to simply look-up into the sky, they'd realize that our very own government is spraying us with biological chemical-trails like garden bugs. But you see, most mindless drones will never realize that they're being systematically eliminated, they'll just assume that they've contracted a bad fever or double-pneumonia."

Liberia War - (Caution - Graphic War Scenes)

British Documentary clip on the completely surreal, Mad-Max-esque war in Liberia, West Africa.

Soldiers using african magical practices on the battlefield, using sticks and empty tubes as 'psychic guns' against REAL guns (and getting slaughtered, of course), and consuming the hearts of rival faction commanders to 'gain their power' (and probably their body-fluid communicable diseases, lol). Total breakdown of ANY rules of engagement, ethics or common sense.
Welcome to the 21st century!

CIA owned Drug Plane Coverups - Major Supressed Story

questionable plane2nd major drug bust connection to 911 flight school - DC9 Caught w/ 5.5 Tons of Coke, Painted like a Homeland Security plane, Biz address full of unmarked patrol cars, hangar reg. address same as Huffman Aviation - the 911 flight training school for Atta & others! NOT REPORTED IN MAJOR MEDIA??? Whoa .... Why Not? That’s weird! A CIA front?

from the site: “Seventeen months after an American-registered DC9 airliner was busted with 5.5 tons of cocaine, a major international scandal is brewing over a second drug trafficking incident in Mexico's Yucatan involving an American-registered jet owned by a dummy front company of the kind usually associated with the CIA.

unmarked cars in scam front-companyA weekend visit to “Donna Blue Aircraft Inc” of Coconut Beach FL., the company which FAA records show owned the Gulfstream II business jet (N987SA) which crash-landed with 3.7 tons of cocaine aboard in Mexico’s Yucatan two weeks ago, has revealed that the company’s listed address is an empty office suite with a blank sign out front.
There was no sign of (DBA) Donna Blue Aircraft, Inc., at the address listed at the Florida Dept. of Corporations, 4811 Lyons Technology Parkway #8 in Coconut Beach FL.
However, there were, oddly enough, a half-dozen unmarked police cars parked directly in front of the empty suite. (pic at left)

Phone calls to Butters Development, the industrial park's leasing agent, went unreturned. Moreover the brief description of Donna Blue on its Internet page, apparently designed to “flesh out the ghost a little,” is such a clumsy half-hearted effort that it defeats the purpose of helping aid the construction of a plausible “legend,” or cover, and ends up doing more harm than good...

Deliberate deception on logo and fake US sealFor example, the website features a quote from a satisfied Donna Blue Aircraft customer. Unfortunately his name is “John Doe.” And the listed phone number is right out of the movies: 415.555-5555. Its known in the trade as "sloppy tradecraft." Mexican authorities and the American DEA have apparently concluded that Mankind’s knowledge of the ownership of large commercial and business jets busted carrying multi-ton loads of narcotics is governed, like the understanding of the movement of subatomic quarks, by Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Principle. The more influential the listed owner of the plane is, the more uncertain the identification becomes. The whole business, suggested a story which ran on the Associated Press, quickly moves beyond the realm of human ken…
“How the U.S.-registered Gulfstream ended up in the hands of suspected drug traffickers remains a mystery,” reported the Associated Press.

Also of major significance is the fact that photos of the DC9, seized last Monday in Ciudad del Carmen, reveal that the plane is painted with the distinctive blue and white color color scheme of official U.S. Government planes. Moreover, to reinforce the effect, or subterfuge, the plane carries an official-looking Seal painted on its side, which reads: SKY WAY AIRCRAFT, PROTECTION OF AMERICA'S SKIES, around an image of a federal eagle clutching the familiar olive branch in its talons.
Many have been fooled into concluding that the plane belongs to the U.S. Transportation Security Administration.
This has obvious and highly serious national security implications, which go well beyond the obvious glee involved in playing political "gotcha" with people caught face-down with their noses buried, Tony Montana-style, in over five tons of cocaine.

128 identical coke filled bags marked privateBut the most surreal detail this side of the Salvador Dali museum is that the cocaine was packed into 128 identical black suitcases... Clearly every baggage handler's worst nightmare. But the surreal part is this: Stenciled on the side of each of the 128 pieces of identical cocaine-stuffed black luggage is the gold-embossed word “Private."

We're at a loss to understand what this means. A libertarian battle cry?
Or an admonition to nosy Customs agents: “Gentlemen do not search each other's luggage."

Also - More details on Skyway and political connections ... See:
5.5 Ton Coke Plane Owner was Tom DeLay Appointee, & “Royal Sons, LLC”


Why is this stuff not in the mainstream news ... in this country. it seems to make top headlines elsewhere.
Yeah, i know, that's a rhetorical question ...
it's because the media in the USA is generally OWNED by multinational interlocking corporate interests and actually fixing some of the world's high-level problems is not part of the business plan.

Sibel Edmonds - an american heroThink Not? Look at the international coverage vs. national coverage of the Sibel Edmonds story about an FBI translator who discovered Nuclear Secrets being sold to rogue networks by paid-agents actually workng in the Pentagon, Senate & Congress - who were paid foriegn agents for the ATC, working against the 'War on Terror' by selling classified info and protecting other infiltrators into US intelligence agencies.

OK, UH ... and that's NOT NEWS for us here in the USA?? WTF?

The ultimate decision-makers in what becomes "news" is in the hands of corporate/political/intelligence interests. The (people previously defined as) Journalists are simply their means of expression.
The actual purpose of "news" is not necessarily to inform people of Critical Information,
but to selectively program them to respond to pre-planned economic control situations in the future.

Think this is an extreme position? ... then bend over, spread 'em & hold on tight, because the future has an even more extreme position planned for you ( in the case that planetary trends continue toward more viscious & reckless corporate-fascist enslavement & biosphere collapse scanarios.)


I will no doubt get a lot of grief mail over this article but I feel what I have to say is long overdue. No question the "patriot" movement will get mad at me, again. For years and years, I have been receiving conspiracy theories via the Internet. Ninety-nine percent of the time, these conspiracy theories are nothing more than silly imaginings from loon-bags who have nothing better to do with their time than distract people like me from more important work.

Are there real conspiracies out there? Of course. We can begin the laundry list with the cover-up of TWA Flight 800, OKC, Waco, to the fraudulent ratification of the 14th, 16th and 17th Amendments to the U.S. Constitution. Let's also not forget Jekyll Island. So, what's my beef?

I'm convinced that there are people out there who have nothing better to do than live for a new conspiracy and I think they have become addicted to these silly conspiracy theories, just like drug addicts or alcoholics. I am also convinced beyond a shadow of a doubt that there are people out there on the payroll of the U.S. government whose job it is to infiltrate certain groups and organizations in this country with the intention of enticing them into breaking the law. I firmly believe there are others whose jobs for the U.S. government are to create fear and panic by inventing conspiracy-oriented web sites that feed people's justified fear of this government.

NATO invasion in Modesto?Let me provide a few sterling examples:

Back on August 24, 1999, I received an e-mail that proclaimed: NATO-ization of Local Police Departments?
Photo suggests near-future scenario! The individual reading this blast could then go to: http://hometown.aol.com/groomwatch/myhomepage/collection.html where they could view some swat team folks holding shields which read NATO-2 Police. The promotion of this theory is that the police in Modesto, California have somehow been NATO-ized and we should all run and "Katy bar the door!"

Upon arriving in Modesto, I went to the police department at 601 11th Street and spoke with Officer Snyder, who is the watch commander and field supervisor. I flashed my Media Bypass press credentials, a print out of the "NATO-ization of local police departments" with the swat boys and truck
I asked him to explain to me the NATO designation on the shield. He kinda chuckled and said that I should go talk with Lt. Gianadi over at the SWAT division and that this equipment arrives with these ballistic designations from the manufacturer on them, but are later repainted. Off I went to the SWAT office over on Evergreen Ave and spoke with the good Lieutenant. I gave him my press credentials, the photo and ask him very specific questions, studying his face carefully while he answered.
" What you will see from this manufacturer is this:
NATO-1, NATO-2, & NATO-3 Features:
All NATO Ballistic Shields are rated Threat Level III, and conform to N.I.J. standard 0108.01.
These shields come from the manufacturer with these markings. The law enforcement agencies who receive them, at some point, paint over them with their own identifying markings and, conspiracy, conspiracy, id numbers for - gasp! - insurance purposes. Yet, if one just reads this e- mail that flashed all around the country, without doing the legwork on site, one gets the impression that a local law enforcement agency has somehow joined together with the North Atlantic Treaty Organization and is planning nefarious activities against the citizenry. "



Suffering is NOT necessary .. is it desirable?Objections and Suggestions on Engineering Expanded Consciousness, Well-Being and Life Extension


4.0 "Happy experiences, and the very concept of happiness itself, are possible only because they can be contrasted with melancholy. The very notion of everlasting happiness is incoherent."

Some people endure lifelong emotional depression or physical pain. Quite literally, they are never happy. Understandably, they may blame their misery on the very nature of the world, not just their personal clinical condition.

Yet it would be a cruel doctrine which pretended that such people don't really suffer because they can't contrast their sense of desolation with joyful memories. In the grips of despair, they may find the very notion of happiness cognitively meaningless. Conversely, the euphoria of unmixed (hypo)mania is not dependent for its sparkle on recollections of misery.

Bosch paintingGiven the state-dependence of memory, negative emotions may simply be inaccessible to consciousness in such an exalted state. Likewise, it is possible that our perpetually euphoric descendants will find our contrastive notion of unhappiness quite literally inconceivable. For when one is extraordinarily super-well, then it's hard to imagine what it might be like to be chronically mentally ill. It's true that a world whose agents are animated by pleasure gradients will still have the functional equivalent of aversive experience. Yet the "raw feel" of such states may still be more wonderful than anything physiologically possible today.

4.6 "Abolishing suffering is unnatural: in so doing we would forfeit our essential humanity."

Warfare, rape, famine, pestilence, infanticide and child-abuse have existed since time immemorial. They are quite "natural", whether from a historical, cross-cultural or sociobiological perspective. The implicit, and usually highly selective, equation of the "natural" with the morally good is dangerously facile and simplistic. The popular inclination to ascribe some kind of benign wisdom to an anthropomorphised Mother Nature serves, in practice, only to legitimate all manner of unspeakable cruelties. Extremes of suffering are inevitable under the neurogenetic status quo. And, yes, we will lose some primitive, "essential", human attributes. Yet why on earth should this be reckoned a bad thing? Until the development of powerful pain-killing drugs and modern surgical anaesthesiology, for example, frightful extremes of physical suffering were simply a part of the human condition. The unendurable just had to be lived through. Happily, in the present era our access to potent narcotics means, for the most part, that we no longer need to rationalise physical torments with the desperate sophistries typical of the past. Anyone arguing on religio-mystical grounds today that a loss of the agonies of the flesh is offensive to God, robbing us of a vital part of our species-essence, etc., is likely to get deservedly short shrift. Yet the supposedly ennobling properties of agonies of the spirit are still widely respected. Perhaps this attitude will change when retaining the capacity to feel psychological pain becomes a perverse genetic aberration rather than a condition of existence; and when inflicting it on others becomes an unthinkable crime.

4.7 "I'd get bored of being happy all the time. Variety is indispensable to personal well-being."

As an empty verbalism, "perpetual bliss" does sound fairly tedious. As Bernard Shaw once remarked, "Heaven, as conventionally conceived, is a place so inane, so dull, so useless, so miserable, that nobody has ever ventured to describe a whole day in heaven, though plenty of people have described a day at the seaside". Successful paradise-engineering, however, must be the very antithesis of tedium by its very nature.

If the prospect of paradise-engineering sounds unexciting, one has missed the point of what abolishing the substrates of tedium entails. In a different age, religious iconographers were able to derive much greater satisfaction in depicting the tortures of the wicked in Hell than in evoking the curiously anaemic delights of Heaven. Indeed, one could be forgiven for inferring that the eternal happiness of the Saved was dependent on contemplation of the eternal torment of the Damned. Likewise today, the secular equivalent of this syndrome is all too common. Potentially, however, there is no less a diversity of ways of being happy as being wretched.

It is a grim reflection of the late-Darwinian human predicament that any notion of perpetual happiness evokes images of monotony. We can conjure up a rich and never-ending diet of disasters with ease. Whatever humanity's contemporary failures of imagination, within a few generations the experience of boredom will be neurophysiologically impossible. "Against boredom even the gods struggle in vain", said Nietzsche; but he failed to anticipate biotechnology.

From a naturalistic perspective, boredom amounts to just a complex of psychophysical states whose molecular substrate natural selection has chanced upon like any other. A capacity for boredom was retained because of the adaptive value its conditional activation can confer. Its more proximate physiological basis lies in the negative feedback mechanisms underlying the development of tolerance in the brain. These may be expressed in the form either of short-term habituation or a slightly more delayed process of gene-triggered receptor re-regulation. Such mechanisms can be disabled and replaced.

Extracted from a MUCH more lengthy page
at the BIPT / Hedonic Engineering Site

Mission Statement
BLTC RESEARCH was founded in 1995 to promote paradise-engineering. We are dedicated to an ambitious global technology project. BLTC seek to abolish the biological substrates of suffering. Not just in humans, but in all sentient life.

Absurdly fanciful? No. The blueprint for a Post-Darwinian Transition to a cruelty-free world is conceptually simple, technically feasible and morally urgent. At present, life on earth is controlled by self-replicating DNA. Selfish genes ensure that pain and malaise are endemic to the living world. Yet all traditional religions, all social and economic ideologies, and all political parties, are alike in one respect. They ignore the biochemical roots of our ill-being.

Genetically Altered by BOB for maximum access to All Possible Gradients of BLISSSo the noisy trivia of party politics distract us from what needs to be done. Fortunately, the old Darwinian order - driven by blind natural selection acting on random genetic mutations - is destined to pass into evolutionary history. For third-millennium bioscience allows us to:
  • rewrite the vertebrate genome
  • redesign the global ecosystem
  • deliver genetically pre-programmed well-being
In the new reproductive era ahead, biotechnology will make us smarter, happier and just possibly nicer. Post-Darwinian superminds can abolish "physical" and "mental" pain altogether.

The ethical importance of the decisions we take can scarcely be exaggerated. For soon we'll be forced to choose how much suffering in the living world we want to conserve and create. Or we can choose instead to abolish suffering completely.

Life on earth can be animated by gradients of ecstatic well-being beyond the bounds of normal human experience.
In the end, the greatest obstacles to lifelong superhealth and a cruelty-free world may prove ideological, not technical. BLTC RESEARCH campaign to promote paradise-engineering as a rigorous academic discipline and a mature applied science.

Comment: this may sound 'far out' but so did nanotechnology just 20 or 30 years ago, now it's the future of engineering, medicine and computing. Paradise Engineering and developing genetically and chemically assisted consciousness augmentation will probably absolutely be necessary in some form to allow us to deal with the extremes of our inventions on an intellectual and emotional level without causing rampant destruction.
Imagine: When eveyone on your street has a quantum computer capable of automanufacturing anthing form a nuke to a new form of ebola virus ... you might hope that they are engaged in a positive outlook on life and able to ethically overcome the urge to manifest negative possibilities inherent in convergent bio-technology. (~Miqel)

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