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Always New Mysteries Out There - List of Old and New Anomalies

Sometimes our favorite mysteries get explained.
Many people get some sense of hope and exhilaration from the mysterious and the unexplained. Unfortunately to such an extent that many are obviously experiencing 'separation anxiety' to 'outright denial' that some of our favorite strange events have now been contextualized and understood as either a 'known' phenomenon or an illusion of some type.

Hey man ... don't cling to the ignorance past! Even though John Edwards is a fake and your favorite 'ghost photo' is a blurry thumb - there is hope! The more we know, the more we see how much is still totally mysterious and unknown. Hell ... the latest word from the cosmologists is that 99.9% of the universe is not even composed of atoms and molecules like we are - It's all a totally different form of matter called "Dark Matter" and "Dark Energy" of which we know little or nothing. How's that for a thrilling mystery? 99.9% of the whole Universe is made of something different, with properties that are unknown.

Having fresh mind-boggling mysteries to contemplate is
mentally & philosophically healthy for at least 3 reasons.
Mysteries highlight areas of science and inquiry where current theory or knowledge is not sufficient to explain observations.
2. Mysteries give the brain/mind a chance to play a game of cosmic fill-in-the-blank.
If we see event X happening, then what unobserved events must be imagined, invoked or envisioned to justify this event,
thereby producing many novel ideas to account for strange observations. This is good for maintaining one's mental flexibility.
It also encourages strong meme diversity, which is a cultural survival asset.
3. Some of these novel associative ideas and attempts at explanation of the utterly mysterious
may actually produce important and viable discoveries or new avenues of research.

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Explained Mysteries
Still Unknown and Anomalous
Rods & Sky Fish -
mystery "Rods" are BugsThese 'critters' are actually an artifact of video camera technology. The wavy pattern & elongated streak is caused by the frequency of the insect wings flapping as the camera snaps each frame.

This is easy to test, set your digital camera on video mode or camcorder to its slowest exposure speed (1/60 second is the slowest speed for an NTSC camcorder).

PROOF: Focus the camera at a light (at night) with bugs swarming it.

Streetlight with insects

As you zoom up the insects on the frames appear to elongate (with around 5 wingbeats per frame) and are then seen as 'rods'.
Rods identified as motion blurred bugs

Final analysis:
Rods and Skyfish = motion and frequency blurred insects and floating debris.

ESP and Mental Synchrony -
Lab tests are generally inconclusive, but highly convincing personal accounts still abound. I've had a few experiences that have resisted all attempts at mundane explanation too. There are many processes by which people could share thoughts. Most likely thinking is a harmonic/EM wave that can be received by another human or organism and understood. With the brain/mind anything is possible.
Example: New research shows that
"long-term meditators self-induce high-amplitude gamma synchrony during mental practice.
Gamma brainwave synchrony in the 40Hz window, long debated as a functional component of consciousness in neuro-physiology, occurs non-locally among clusters of neurons separated by gap junctions but sharing a common membrane, causing activation of the neurons to fire synchronously as if they were "one giant neuron".
Reference: Long-term meditators self-induce high-amplitude gamma synchrony during mental practice, by Antoine Lutz, Lawrence L. Greischar, Nancy B. Rawlings, Mathieu Ricard and Richard J. Davidson, in The Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences USA 101(46)16369-16373, 2004

Non-Eating Sadhu / Yogi -
A yogi was tested in Britain for 14 days in video-monitored isolation. During this time he consumed no water or food, yet he lost no weight and was healthy and functional. Tests showed urine collected in his bladder and then was reabsorbed through an unfamiliar process. This suggests under certain conditions humans can go into a state of self-contained homeostasis with little or no energy-input. Humans have many untapped abilities and potentials for alternate states of physical and mental functioning..

Geometric Galactic Superclusters!
Fuller Space-Frame Universe? -

Astounding Octahedral packing found in galaxy superclusters (clouds of galaxies). The web-like streams of galaxies define the edges and vertexes with vast empty void between.

This was brilliantly predicted by Buckminster Fuller in his books on the geometry of energy & thought, Synergetics I and II. This super-galactic geometry is unexplained but probably represents a natural least-energy state, like the way packing spheres forms a regular grid. LINK to Image (scroll 1/2 way down page for pic comparison with Bucky Fuller's 'isotropic vector matrix')
space frame universe
Explained Mysteries
Still Unknown and Anomalous
Orbs -
Mystical Orbs are dust particlesMany sites have popped up showing blurry spheres of light (often with diffraction patterns) in photographs and claiming they are somehow "Supernatural".

These are claimed to be everything from spirits, ghosts, aliens, and even otherworldly energy beings, angels and dimensional portals.

This is rather easily disproven. Proof: If you shake out a doormat and then take a photo against a darkish background you will see many hundreds of these 'orbs', their details are 100% the same as the ones on the web. They are simply dust particles and small bits of debris which are floating very close to the flash.

Dust particles with motion trails Their appearance varies (depending on the lighting, camera type, distance form camera and type of particle, such as dust, pollen, hair, etc) from opaque white, to rainbow tinted, semi-transparent and sometimes they have 'trails' (caused by smaller fast-moving particles very near the flash) A Lack of understanding general optics and the mechanical aspects of photography causes many people to believe they have photographed something mysterious or supernatural.

light diffraction pattern from flashIf you zoom in, many have diffraction patterns form the light reflecting - these are interpreted on many sites as letters, symbols, faces, ufos, and all manner of projections

Ever examine the air illuminated by a bright sunbeam through your window? Even in calm circumstances there are hundreds of tiny particles of dust, skin, fine fibers and pollen floating thru the air. That they would show up regularly in flash photography is no surprise.
Below is a digital pic i snapped in a snowstorm - tons of "orbs".

Snowstorms make tons of "orbs"
Why and how simple dust reflections would gain the status of 'alien energy beings' in many peoples minds is a question worth asking. Are we collectively that desperate to project cosmic significance onto mundane things?

Chip or Seeming Manufactured device observed in Chromosome sample in Europe -
This mystery is GREAT, because there's no question on the scientific validity, just what the hell is it? Sounds like a nearly nano-tech style device. But how did it get into a woman's amniotic (birth sac) fluid in 1986? Deeply odd.
( Still looking for image from this story!! I've seen a b/w image scan with the original online article, but can't locate it now. Please send a copy if you have it.
*Got it! Thanks for the scan "37"!!)

British journal of Nature, Vol. 323. no 25, September 1986
Mystery Object Amid The Chromosomes:
"Sir - The very thin object shown below like a fragmented crossword in appearance, was recently found in one of our routine chromosome preparations for prenatal diagnosis following amniocentesis. But what is it? Is it a man made device? Packing text as binary coded information on the miniature scale (the scale bar is 10 micro-milimeters) would seem advantageous. Or is it a naturally occurring substance? None of the possibilities we have been able to think of would seem to be appropriate to amniotic fluid, so if anybody is able to suggest an answer to this mystery we would like to have it. We are as intrigued as we are ignorant."
John Wolstenholme, Ian Harlow, George Clarke, Hilary Sheridan, Jon Jonasson, Mark Crocker, Helen Matthews Department of Medical Genetics. Churchill Hospital, Headington, Oxford OX3 7LJ, UK

Research Note: I checked around and the listed organization and people do exist, the story is not a hoax & the issue is not April 1st, etc. I'd like to contact the researchers mentioned and see what ever became of the sample.

Justin from BRAINSTURBATOR.com contacted me about this last year and had discovered a post where there was reasonable speculation about the sample being contaminated with foreign debris, and posted a pic of a material that roughly matched the object in question. So in my opinion this is still "WEIRD" but quite possibly has a simple explanation.

Rennes-le-Chateau Mystery -
Origin of "Da Vinci Code" fad.
There is a lot of B.S. and wild speculation on this topic. What we can say for sure is that there is a real mystery here. What was discovered and were did Berenger Sauniere get his enormous funding? What special relationship did he have with the church leaders? What is the connection to the painter Poussin, DaVinci, the Priory and the others woven into this underground Gnostic current?

Dozens of books, but no definitive proof has emerged yet. Read "Holy Blood, Holy Grail" for the original and best research.

Explained Mysteries
Still Unknown and Anomalous

80% of UFO Reports -
Many examples are honest misinterpretations. Some are hoaxes.
Stories about space brothers, abductions, strange sights are wonderfully interesting, but usually give no practical information. On the other hand, sightings with multiple modes of simultaneous observation, for example visual + ground + radar + Infra-red at the same time, are worthy of deep and careful investigation. Anecdotal UFO reports taken collectively and grouped into patterns can reveal useful data.

Dr. Michael Persinger discovered they tend to cluster around tectonic (geomagnetic) stress points in the earths crust. He created a helmet which simulates these EM fields, and it amazingly causes "unseen presence/ghost-like" experiences in lab volunteers.
Does this mean ALL ufos are attributable to mental effects from these fields? NO: Not when radar, photographic and instrumental recorded data accompany the sighting.
UFO observations with multiple sources of recorded data -
Anecdotal reports of strange objects are interesting, but real progress can be made from concentrating on events where multiple modes of observation happen at once, recorded as instrumental data such as radar or IR and confirmed by competent ground and/or aerial observers.

The 2003 Mexican air-force data is a great example. A military plane on drug-traffic patrol was trailed and then surrounded by at least 7 objects recorded on visual and IR temperature radar for over 30 minutes. The case remains unexplained - but the observation of UFOs with real-time data recording equipment is worthy of scientific consideration (radar, spectral analysis of UFO light sources is very important & revealing, IR temp data, reflectivity index, etc.)

Ghostly camera strapMost 'Ghost Pics' -
Lack of understanding of optics and the mechanical aspects of photography confuses many people into believing they have photographed 'ghosts'. Most often the supposed ghost is something close to the camera lens which is blurred and reflecting the flash.
Most people report not seeing the object in the viewfinder - but **the viewfinder is offset by at least a inch or more from the actual lens which captures the image**.

Common culprits are the photographers finger, the camera strap, the photographers hair hanging in front of the lens, small floating debris (pet hair, fibers, dust) near the camera reflecting the flash and defects in the negative or chemical/mechanical defects introduced in processing analog photos.

Ghostly cigarette smokeSome very small percent of 'ghost photos' are not explainable, but the majority on the websites i've seen are not so mysterious (unless you don't know much about optics and are easily spooked).
Spontaneous Remission of Illness -
Many seemingly incurable chronic diseases have been observed to spontaneously revert to normal. Sometimes this involves 'faith healing' and other techniques but just as often it happens with no ritual involved. The effect of attitude on the body's health is well documented, but as yet there is no data on the mechanisms involved in this healing process.

Ever-Burning Lamps of Antiquity -
In many cultures in the ancient world there are accounts of lamps which burned for months and even years. This technology was probably (al)chemical, if it existed, and is now forgotten.

Explained Mysteries
Still Unknown and Anomalous
Crystal Perception -
Study done in Britain discovered that neither ordinary volunteers or people claiming to perceive 'crystal energy' and vibrations from stones were able to distinguish a REAL crystal from a piece of plastic when holding it in a small opaque bag.

Note: This study did not address the issue of healing with crystals, just the individuals ability to detect them and their claimed properties without visual cueing.

Ouija Boards and Table Tapping -
This seems almost pointless to include because it's such a grade-school spook-out, but things come in cycles and eventually some new permutation of this device will be popular and exciting.

Glossolalia -
The combination of a trance-state and high-speed complex vocalizations and body movements. Primarily studied in Pentecostal christianity and Haitian Voodoo rituals. Appears to be pan-cultural, suggesting this trance-language state is a natural part of human mental functioning potential. It's function and mechanism remains unknown. Possibly also manifested in some types of devoutly focused music such as the free-jazz transmissions of John Coltrane, which has been compared by many to a musical form of speaking in tongues.

Mormon Archaeology -
Ain't nothing there ... it's a matter of faith for most that some lost tribes from Israel landed in the Americas, but NO remains of illustrious cities, trade routes or the many cultures described (in the Book of Mormon) as inhabitants of early North America have ever been found - despite diligent efforts by Mormon archaeologists.
Case closed?

Elantin 'Antenna' Mystery -
Odd looking possibly technical device photographed on the sea floor. Now Identified as a deep-marine sponge. They look less geometrical when pulled to the surface, decompression pops the cells and withers the straight branches.
Star Ring Anomaly - Stellar Macro-engineering?
Science news report about a ring of 15 stars first thought to be an illusion. When re-examined it was found the stars were in proximity & formed a ring 20{?} light-years in diameter. The dynamics in galactic gas clouds can cause clusters of stars to form - but all in the same size range, in a perfect circle, with nothing in the center to have caused a shock wave promoting a ring of stellar birth is odd. Could this be evidence of a type 2 or 3 civilization that is capable arranging stars? Is it a beacon?
Probably from not-yet-understood natural causes, but this IS the type thing to examine for evidence of VERY advanced cosmic-scale engineering.
John Edwards & Similar Entertainment -
This act is demonstrably traceable to entertainment 'medium' shows developed in the early 1900s. The term for this technique of fishing for info while appearing to answer questions is called - bla bla bla-

Piri-Reis Map -
A Turkish Admiral's too-accurate for it's time map. Copied from an even older map of uncertain origin. Not sure on this one .... still a bit of a mystery. Some claim it uses a great-circle grid system not known at the time. Also claimed to show curvature of continents as seen from far above & land shapes below glaciers.
Probably an example of the remains of advanced cartography & navigation not yet suspected by historians. Possibly from navigation done even before the last ice-age.

David Woods 'Pentacle of Churches' -
A minor but striking part of the Da vinci / Rennes mystery. bla bla bla

Retro-Causality Experiments, Princeton -
in progress ... bla bla bla
Explained Mysteries
Still Unknown and Anomalous

Drunvalo's Miracle™ Water -
Here's one i saw unfold and predicted each step as it happened. Drunvalo Melchizedek releases a dramatic statement - the heads of the world gov'mnt have met with him and show an special water that can clean polluted lakes with just a few drops, some kind of chain reaction. He was chosen to break the word to people and prepare for restoring the earths waters to a pristine state. Miraculous health claims were also hinted at. No verifiable info on names, dates or locations or testable specifics on the technology are given in the announcement.
- a few weeks later a company appears with no reference to drunvalo, quoting some of the announcement and selling 'ionized water' in 1oz vials for up to $100. With a disclaimer that said not to expect the exact results reported in the statement, but something more 'subtle' (like the placebo effect)
Analysis = Total new-age scam. Smart and effective!
UPDATE: Now they sell plastic squares to "Charge" your own miracle Water (and magically charge your Credit Card)

The Number 666 -
Oops! An earlier copy of revelations that the one used in King James bible has been discovered by archaeologists. Looks like the scribe made a copy-mistake. In the original version the number of the beast is actually 616 !! Back to work for the numerology antichrist theorists.

Chupacabra 'Goat killer' Stories
Rural myth originating in south-america as an offshoot of cattle-mutilation mysteries. Probably spread as some type of Military Psy-Ops program to track the spread of fear-inducing rumors and examine the dynamics of the resulting mass-hysteria.

The Ica Stones -
Hoaxed Ica StonesBeginning in the 1930s, the father of Dr. Javier Cabrera, Cultural Anthropologist for Ica, Peru, claimed to discover many hundreds of ceremonial burial stones in the tombs of the ancient Incas depicting dinosaurs and open-heart surgery.
Analysis has failed to authenticate these artifacts. They found the markings to be fresh and from modern rotary tools. The credibility was further reduced by the fact that investigators who visited found a collection of dental tools used for engraving the stones.

x-ray of the Coso artifactThe Coso Artifact -
In 1961 upon cutting it open a geode Mike Mikesell found an object inside that seemed to be made of white porcelain.

X-rays revealed in the center was a shaft of shiny metal with a coiled spring. The object inside was obviously of sophisticated human manufacture, but seemingly encased in natural stone.

The artifact itself has been lost, but identified by experts (based on the X-ray pics) as a 1920s-era Champion spark plug, possibly encased in unusually hardened clay.

Montauk Conspiracy web -
in progress ...Buncha KRAP!
Still compiling references!!

Mars Face and Pyramids -
in progress ... Looks less like a face each time it's imaged.
Not looking hopeful for the artificiality hypothesis.
Hoagland is a hack.

Moon Domes of Hoagland -
in progress ..
I did a speech on this at the 8th annual Ozark UFO conference.
more info and stuff soon.
I ordered the pics from nasa myself and this is a bunch of HYPE.

Crypto-Zoological Animals -
Animals thought to be extinct but possibly still living in remote areas, or at least surviving into the recorded history (last 6000 yrs) Yeti and hominid relatives, loch-ness Plesiosaur, etc. - not proven or fully disproved yet.

Patterson Film Sasquatch enhanced
Patterson Film frames restoed from original

Unknown Catch
An Odd Catch - decomposing unidentified creature

Crypto Animals in ancient art
Dinosaur-like extinct animals in ancient art

Oracle of Delphi -
Possibly not enough info remains to solve this mystery. Probably a clever gimmick, but no clear answer yet..

America Faked the Moon Landings? -
in progress ...
too stupid, but people still question this.

The Mayans Left the Planet, etc, etc.? -
in progress ... No they fucked up their ecosystem and their local climate changed so the culture rapidly dispersed among neighboring tribes. Creating the most accurate calendar in the old-world still didn't make them immune to their own social and environmental problems.
They DID however eat a lot of psychedelic plants and created an incredibly unique way of mapping time - but No, there is not a shred of evidence they were snatched up by the space brothers ... sorry.

Satanic Ritual Abuse Scare and 'False Memory Syndrome' -
in progress ... too stupid, but people still pass this meme around like kool-aid.

Channeled Stuff about '12-Strand DNA' -
Popular in new-age chatter ...Duuuuuuh .... this kind of physical change would be obvious on many levels ... so now the line is it's your 'subtle energy DNA' (aka. undetectable) that is undergoing the change in preparation for the 'dimensional shift'.
Please ... Show me ANY piece of factual evidence (not channeled information) about this more-than-2-strand DNA stuff .... someone please, I DARE YOU!


Unusual Collapse speed of lightly damaged WTC Building 7 -

UPDATE: The Government recently released a special study on WTC-7 that credits the collapse to Thermal Expansion of a sufficient percentage of the core structure to cause spontaneous collapse. Steel doesn't have to reach melting temperature to lose structural stability.


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