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Miqel - Flute, Saxophone & Electronics  I'm a self-taught musician. I recieved a saxophone and later a flute as gifts from friends who knew my interest in coltrane and improvisation. I learned to play by "ear", thru listening to the inner music and working to reproduce the melodies and sounds on the insturments" .... I hope that you enjoy it.  
MP3 Downloads: Michael Aaron Coleman - flutes, sax, clarinet, electronics, samples

The Other night - home recording composition with Flute and samples

Fluteophonic888 - home recording composition with Flute and samples (this is my best composition because it was recorded as a pure outpouring of awe and respect for a woman I loved very dearly, my spiritual friend Alex Vandyke.)

5th & Dedrick - Live with "the Transcendental Crayon Ensemble" in 2002.
Opening for the Sun-Ra Arkestra in Nashville, It was an amazing honour to meet them. They were all very warm, caring and inspiring people. Marshall Allen and Danny Davis even showed me a few things on the flute.

All the Difference - Live with "the Transcendental Crayon Ensemble" in 2002. from the same gig as above.
Old Gold - Live, a nice moment with the Crayons around 1999 in nashville

Alexi - Solo flute by candle light at 3am. Music Meditation of ancient feelings of gratitude. (I did no thinking, just hit record and began playing. *improvisation as a gift to Alexandra, who was traveling in France at the time) home recording from march 2003

Sun One - Very abstract composition with Flutes, wood flutes, percussion,
hand drums and samples. Recorded in a deep trance.

Untitled Song 1 - home recording composition with Flute and samples
(sorry for the poor audio quality on this one)

Untitled Song 2 - home recording with Flute and samples.
Poor audio - good playing! I couldn't do this again.

first experiments in recording & mixing on the PC
Brother Dean - my first experiment in digital mixing. Funny! Samples i recorded from the sunday local pentacostal radio show in mississippi, it's a guy trying to "speak in tongues" on Brother Canoy's 'Back to Calvary broadcast', Ridgeland MS. See my strange records MP3 section for more clips from this uniquely weird broadcast.
Love In Space - homage to Sun-Ra and Stereolab. Home recording composition with Flute, percussion and samples. The scratching effect is ME, lol, using one of those 3-D pictures with the texture and scratching my fingernail on it, close to the mike, to get the turntable flexi-sound. Works pretty good if you're not a turntablist.
FLUX - home recording with only multitracked Sax and Clarinet. Very "out there".
Robotic Feelings - home recording composition with Clarinet, percussion and samples. Odd vibe.

For Alice Coltrane - unfinished composition with me on Flute, Casio keyboard, remixed casio drums.
Recorded to save the idea. Inspired by Alice Coltrane's great Spirit!
Unfinished Sketch - unfinished multi-track composition with me on Sax, Casio keyboard, remixed casio drums. Recorded to save the idea, not for listening, lol. Mournful sounding.
Svanish - home recording with Flute, guitar samples from Acid DJ & my own weird percussion at the start.
I dunno what this one is about.

I play by ear & do not read music. It feels so much more natural to play what comes out without having to define or categorize it. Playing the music itself is the rewarding part, allowing the uncalculated expression of the moment to become it's own song. I never know or plan what notes will come next, it depends on what's coming thru in the present moment. highly schooled musicians may be skeptical of this approach, yet this is the great joy of music. My ignorance of analytical musical thinking gives me nothing to fall back on, no safety net.
Therefore i have to truly be feeling the music, if the song moves me - i can soar with it. The idea is to have an abstract inner-connection with the feelings at the core of the song & then i am able to play it without thinking, then i can to some degree 'become' the song. If there is not a connection with the heart of the music and what
's being expressed - then i am unable to play it. That's limiting in some contexts, but cool in a way, it keeps me playing songs that i can groove to on an abstract, psychic level. Disciplined Free-Improvisation is the musical form of zen.

Writings and Essays

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