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Fractal Technology and
Historical Fractals in Art & Architecture

There is an endless array of this stuff in art, architecture, science, music, nature ... literally INFINITE!

Fractal Furniture is NOW HERE! Fractal Table
fractal furniture  

fractal tablefractal table

NEW Fractal Cabinet Design
fractal cabinet

Fractal Antennas can pack more access to more frequencies in a smaller space.
Look inside your cellphone or GPS and there is probably a fractal antenna!
fractal antennafractal antennafractal antenna
fractal antenna
fractal antenna helmet
Military design incorporates the fractal antenna into the helmet itself!

space filling fractal fluid transport

Fractal robot is a new kind of robot made from motorized cubic bricks that move under computer control. These cubic motorized bricks can be programmed to move and shuffle themselves to change shape to make objects likes a house potentially in a few seconds because of their motorized internal mechanisms. The fractally smaller machines reach into nooks and crannies with smaller cubes, tools and work pieces. Using such fractal machines and tooling, 100% assembly and/or repair systems is possible for complex pipe system. The fractal finger tool completes the list of assembly machines needed to build any man made machine or structure with 100% automation. Everything from building space stations to managing nuclear accidents with 100% automation can be implemented with this technology. All previously intractable mechanical problems in robotics have now been solved with this new branch of robotics

The bricks are like Lego bricks in that they snap together to make a new shape. The bricks have interior motors that allows them to slide around under computer manipulation and create new shapes similar to the way kids build toy houses or toy bridges. This gives us 'Digital Control of Matter'. To make the machine 'fractal', special bricks have half size plates on one face that allow half size bricks to join. These in turn can have quarter size plates to attach quarter size bricks and so on like the diminishing branches of a tree, until we get to microscopic bricks.

The smaller the bricks, the finer the control we have over this 'digital matter'. Large bricks are electromechanical robotic devices, but as they diminish in size they will be fabricated using micro-machining and chip manufacturing techniques. Below 100 microns, they can use electrostatic motors until we get down to cubes of nano dimensions where the individual atoms become too big. At these scales, as our knowledge of surface chemistry improves, the robotic cubes will be able to interface directly with molecules opening up new avenues for exploring the manufacture of nanotechnology devices.


Using Artificial Fractal Tree Roots in Construction Design 
There are a lot of new composite materials out there that would probably be well suited towards creating modular, lightweight, bridge construction
systems like the one discussed here. The physical characteristics and features of fractal roots can be altered in virtually limitless ways.


Fractal Architecture in Religions of old. Especially in India,
WOW check the recursive construction of these temples!
ancient fractal temple - - fractal indian temple

Fractal African "Ba-Ila" village-plan

African fractal village plan
image above drawn as a layout plan, village photo below
fractal village

Another Fractal African building Plan


More African Fractals ...

ethiopean fractal patternafrican art fractal

Stunning and Intricate Fractal Arabesque on a ceiling panel
(4’ x 4’) at Delware Jain Temple, Mt. Abu, India, 1031AD.
Image © K.V. Mardia.

2nd Century Cathar Mosaic in the form of a Sierpenski Triangle

Fractal leaf subdivisions overlaid on a human neighborhood overhead pic
fractal community neighborhood

Here is an amazing raytraced Fractal Temple i found on the web (artist unknown)

fractal temple

Fractal Tower and Comparison with the towers on the "Burning Ship" fractal

3D fractal tower

towers on burning ship fractal

Fractal Teddy Bear

Salvador Dali painted a rather horrid Fractal Face (similar to a circular version of the Cantor Set)
well before recursive phenomenon were widely popularized

salvador dali fractal face

from the Irish / Celtic Book of Kells: Stunning Examples of (pre-Fractal) Fractal Art

The mind has always had a fixation with recursive and fractal patterns, largely because our environment is filled with them.
Only in the last 40 years have we been able to finally describe this exquisitely subtle math of interacting patterns mapped as dimensionality.
Interestingly the representations of fractals and therefore INFINITY most frequently appear in human art of the Religious and Spiritual varieties

Mandelbrot Shape In Religious Art
mandelbrot in religious art

Mandelbrot Set Tattoo art

fractal mandelbrot tattoo
fractal mandelbrot tattoo

Newtons Fracta & Julia Set Tattoo Art
fractal tattoo

fractal back

fractal tattoo

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