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DMT Entity Experiences

DMT: Reports of seemingly autonomous entities and complex interactions

Here's the deal: DMT experiences (Wikipedia entry for DMT) are the most powerful psychedelic trip possible. It literally lights up the brain in a tsunami of neural activity for a brief 5 to 15 minutes of infinity and then the user returns to normal consciousness, usually with no hang-over or lingering after-effects.
In these trips there is an unusually high frequency of reports of communication with some form of high-intensity intelligence. Currently there is no widely accepted theory on what these experiences actually represent. The first researcher in 30 years to get FDA/DEA approval to conduct human research on DMT was Dr. Rick Strassman. He had heard about the contact reports before the study, but he was astonished at both the regularity and the details of the entity experiences. The content of these encounters was so bewildering, so alien, so unprecedented that he concluded there was no simple psychological explanation in terms of wish-fulfillment or exteriorization.

Some feel the entities are aspects of ones own mind. That is the easiest theory to conceive and feel safe/comfortable with. However experiencers maintain that the contact is unquestionably with something very interactive, attentive, hyperintelligent and alien to one's whole existence. The psychedelic scene seperates into foreground and background and then the independently operative 'entities' become invasively curious, interactive and often coldly business-like. Many witnesses say that either way the implications are profound, because if these apparent beings exist as part of the mind then we have horrendously strange latent cognitive abilities that are light-years beyond normal experience.

Here are a few excerpts of DMT 'entity contact' reports - collected from Erowid, Tribe.net, TripZine & Lycaeum

"[Several grams of dry P. cyanescens]
Eventually an entity came and delivered me unbidden personal attention. I was quite relieved to see another creature, for I suspected I was one myself (although not sure). At first I was captivated by its fluid motions and methodical actions. It was moving in rhythms, doing a dance of sorts. Eventually it occurred to me that the "dance" it was doing involved horrifying probes of my own form, and that it was moving faster than I could comprehend while doing so. I was paralyzed. I wasn't sure if I had a body or not, but this thing was doing something to ME, which was still intact.
As I concentrated more and more upon its "physical" form (which is a term I use as loosely as possible), it occurred to me that it looked somewhat familiar. Not anything I had ever seen, but close. It was a giant praying mantis, although it had mental appendages and cartoon details about it. Its many arms worked up and down my existence, probing and testing every bit. It seemed to put no effort into comforting me, yet it did through some sort of telepathy imply that it would be easier for both of us if I stopped struggling. Eventually I did, and it left."

"DMT, 2 tokes.
as I got closer, these short, squatty garden gnome looking dudes, but not pudgy, just thick, all started flooding toward the door and me, and they were audibly saying " No no nope nope nope nope nope, noooo nooo, nope." So I backed away from the door, and they relaxed, I started to the door again and once more, "nope nope nooope, no no" It was an Oz, munchkin land voice, kinda cute, and I had the feeling like they were helping me stay on track, like the door was some type of temptation that I was falling for and they were guarding me. Fade out back to 'reality' "

The first thing I saw was the "visible language!" The words, the shapes, the "music" (the "music" refers to the DMT auditory effects, not music in this reality and the stereo was off during this part of the trip) and the voices all carried the same message: "Strong, safe, strong, safe; help, ok, ok, help; safe, safe, alright!" The "elves" appeared. They sang/I saw/read/felt/heard. They are 'made out' of the visible language. The message is conveyed by the medium itself in several simultaneous sensory modalities. Vision, heard speech, read language, music, song, images and pictures all happen at once, so that the meaning is multi-dimensional.

For example, if one were to "see" a cat in this state it would be communicated in many ways at once: one would see a picture or cartoon of a cat, made out of writhing, colorful strips or segments which are words -- "cat, cat, cat, pussy, kitty, pussy, meow, tail, ears, cat, cat, kitty..." and the picture would be accompanied by a musical description of the cat (like "Peter and the Wolf,' only more descriptive and precise) and by voices singing 'cat, cat, kitty, kitty, meow, puss, kittycat..." which would match the text.

The elves were dancing in and out of the multidimensional visible language matrix, "waving" their "arms" and "limbs/hands/fingers?" and "smiling" or "laughing," although I saw no faces as such. The elves were "telling" me (or I was understanding them to say) that I had seen them before, in early childhood. Memories were flooding back of seeing the elves: they looked just like they do now: evershifting, folding, multidimensional, multicolored (what colors!), always laughing, weaving/waving, showing me things, showing me the visible language they are created/creatures of, teaching me to speak and read. (Are they are linguistic programs made manifest and personified? This throws an entirely new light on Terence McKenna's remark at Esalen about language being the "most alien artifact" we have!)

The personal reality of these creatures seems indisputable during the contact, but that interpretation runs into my normal skepticism when I am out of contact. Is the notion that these are beings merely the obvious interpretation of these phenomena by the human mind? Or is something else going on that we can only understand by interpreting it as an encounter with an alien being?

The visible language and the multidimensional nature of the forms seems so clear, but the relationship of these phenomena to me as an individual and to the human race in a species-history sense is less clear. I am always afraid of repeating the errors of misplaced concreteness (thinking the "creatures" are "real") and the dogmatic fallacy (thinking that I know what I saw). The most honest answer is that I don't know what I saw (do we ever?), but that the description above is my attempt to communicate some of what I thought I saw.

The visible language phenomenon was most interesting -- I felt curious, excited, and peculiarly self-confident while experiencing it -- a childlike delight and a consuming desire to see and know more. I only saw part of what was going on, and I only remember part of what I saw, and I can communicate only a little of what I remember.

When, dear reader, you have similar experiences, try to see/perceive as much as you can, remember as much as you are able (take notes or talk into a recorder) and attempt to write down your trip. It is hard to do, the results are always less than you hope, but we must all try to express these things if we are ever to build a descriptive consensus or even a start at understanding!

It soon appeared as if I penetrated as what I can only describe as a membrane or bubble, for when that happened this web-like structure became very animated.

I lost all my bearings; I knew I was once again in that familiar place known as hyperspace but I forgot who I was and how I got there. I was in absolutely awe as this 'web' morphed into what appeared as a plasma octopoid with flailing appendages similar to tentacles that were moving VERY fast and appeared to be tending to some task quite dilligently. In addition when these tentacles would move they would emit a reverberating set of tones each movement produced a unique set of harmonic audio expressions. Soon I became aware that this 'octopoid' was actually redirecting my awareness to these *incredible* structures that were made with his appendages/harmonic manipulations.

Each time my attention would come to rest I would suddenly feel my awareness redirected to another structure being built that was more spectacular than the last. Before long I noticed a pressure in my center and I realized once again I was contained in a physical vehicle and that I was perceiving the weight of my hands interlaced on my solar plexus. My ego was reassembling itself and the web/octopoid simultaneously was losing it's animate life-like qualities.

2nd try
As I exhaled the fourth lungful of smoke I was washed away into hyperspace once again. Upon entering hyperspace I percieved myself falling through a tunnel in zero gravity at light speed then once again I penetrated a 'bubble/membrane' and was in what I refer to as 'The Dome' or 'The Control Panel' only this time instead of a percieved 'octopoid' redirecting my awareness to various structures there was this huge gelatinous-hexagonal-rubix-cube type machine that would reform itself into structures according to these progressive harmonic tones that permeated my reality causing various emotions to emerge in addition it was redirecting my attention to various intersections of it's restructured embodiment.

Each time my attention was pointed to one of these intersections/nodes a vision followed by a revelation, would envelope me along with an emotion I can only describe as pure elation and awe. The only vision/relevation that I vividly remember was one of humanity's history. I recall seeing many people in positions of power from ancient civilizations from all around the globe. I could see a distinct spectrum of colors for each spirit that belonged to each of these kings/warriors/ thieves/martyrs/prophets and shamans. I saw their entire lifespan from birth to death ..... This process of reincarnation continued generation after generation up until the present day.

As I was coming out of hyperspace I realized I was emitting these very strange noises from my mouth that were actually driving and changing the visual content of my experience, what struck me as even more strange/amazing was that in addition to every noticeable change in the visual content of my trip and vocal emissions coincided wih changes in my physical environment such as windblowing/crickets chirping. Feeling like a newborn baby fresh from the womb I shed a tear in absolute reverence for life and being.

Note: Do not assume because of the way much of this was presented that I believe in mushroom entities or DMT entities... I do not come to such premature conclusions without proper empirical evidence. For me, everything is one spirit. One Life, One Love.

"From lower level experiences using 20-30 mg inhaled with variable efficiency in 1 to 3 hits, so far I could list these encountered representaions of entities:

1) Small, 2 dimensional homunculii that 'hump' or flick their bodies all over the 3 dimensional vision. They chase a part of the vision around, humping it robotically...? These are sometimes black-and-white joker-like 'moving drawings' or other times coloured Aztec-like drawn figures. These 2D creatures have some tongue type appendage that 'flicks' or clicks. These seem remote in some way, cartoons I draw with my mind maybe, but they behave as if they are involved in a process, flicking, clicking and humping... I'm not close to these and they can ignore me.

2) One level up in intensity is the fractal 'imp'; I am way closer to this 'being' ... and it's leading me or pulling my attention 'around'. Mirrored hallways hide these imps, there are only a few, or one I follow with my attention. They have no shape or take any shape; a folded part of the vision moves independantly to 'pull off' the cover of another part. I have on a few occasions felt blocked by a bunch of mirrors, and these imps know how to get past and are sitting above them, and behind them. But either my dosage, or my 'preparedness' is not enough to 'breakthrough'. These fractal imps might be trying to keep me in the halls of mirrors..?

3) The most vivid and intense being I met once was a multi eyed, multi-serpent vision' that pressed over me; it was warm and loving like Gaia's Busom pressed onto me. With my eyes closed, She came face to face with me.. ! But she had all sorts of deep, dark eyes ( very alien snake eyes), a tongue and a mouth that then sucked at me !Of course I let her !! I coined the word Brain-lingus after that experience !

I think that the field of vision is sometimes so full that anything that makes sense or has intelligence about wtf is going on, could be concrete enough to be seen as an 'entity'. But the autonomous actions of these 'entities' means who's intelligence or 'what's' intelligence is showing me this..? Who is saying "let's Go !" ... ? The attention these beings focus on us is apparently one variable that changes; some don't care others have a "job" to care about distracting or enticing us further. "

"I've only once 'seen' entities with any form of DMT, and that was on my very first 5MeO trip. They appeared as Native American tribal elders (I heard chants throughout the experience). There were five of them (corresponding to the five-pointed star). They all had kind, caring faces, and were softly staring at me, kinda like 'Mona-Lisa' stares actually. It was night, outside, in a star-lit full moon desert (I was physically present in the desert and at night at the time, and on tribal land). I could see them clearly. They each had a network of deep grooves covering their whole faces; a unique signature each telling of a vast life full of experience and history. I faced one of them and traced one such grooves up to his eye. What I found was absolute darkness, but it was not 'negative' in any way. It seemed incredibly deep, vast, endless even. I was overcome with a sense of truth of how much more there is to know, and how little I really do know. It was humbling, but it was empowering as well.

I knew with absolute certainty then, while glimpsing into that time-less vast 'scape', that these entities; the mental representations of my higher self which had manifested in a form which I already hold in the highest possible regard, or the 'otherworldly' entities which somehow apply the most appropriate meme-set in order to communicate with me, or any possible combination thereof... that behind this experience was a constructive aim; something positive; something for me to learn."

"My last try on inhaling Alladin's Lamp, I came upon the "playpen" experience. And it's set of 'entities' were familiar; their joker faces, laughing, waving, flicking things 'up', wagging something, peering from underneath and behind mirrored surfaces. I recognized all the mirrored halls etc I had seen before, so now all closed in, the playpen was there ! All the time, toyboxes were there 'from before' too ... I somehow knew to move on, and the playpen gave way to the 'main-floor library staircase' which i was gliding up as a larger 'crowd' of people waved me up, like I was going up with the veil.
Trying to recall, so much is really cartoonized ... and 'reflected' in perfect images of spaces and mirrors mirrors factes reflecting all over ! I remember simple messages like 'be without having' ... the only words I could summarize some trips by... cling to nothing, and you end up going 'higher' ... hyperspatially speaking... maybe true in real life as well.

Speaking of dark or black backgrounds and black obsidian mirrors, instead of 'regular' white mirrors... on another occasion, in the 'black space' again I guess, objects or beings appeared outlined in bright fluorescent lines. I had heard of this before I found the words 'appropriate' for calling it the "Gumby" ...! Or what I would call The Gumby family ! The outline against the blackness was day-glo lines shaped like Gumbys, big and little, like mom, dad and kids... Now I can't recall what we did, said, or what the exchange was about, I can't embellish unfortunately... My attention was 'directed' at the kid-Gumby which 'looked up' and gave me the longest stare. It's disappointing I can't recall anything other than 'watch out for the little ones' as the message... .. !

So, if entities require that a communication happens, so far all I can recall 'they' have said to me, is to "be without having" ..
and "watch out for the little ones" ... The wagging-finger and saying no-no-no-no NO! is what the playpen jokers say .. .sometimes."

"DMT 3 tokes,
my first contact was from a distance. I noticed a sort of psychedelic city scape where thousands (millions?) of independent entities were going about some business which didn't seem to have anything to do with me. I was just watching from a distance.
My first communication experience was another journey. It was unexpected because I was engulfed and astonished at the familiar yet baffling display of fractalic imagery, which seemed to be communicating to me. I heard a "voice" in my head but it wasn't linear english words, but more a multidimensional moving set of meaning which I somehow managed to understand, but on a deep subconscious level (i.e. I could tell you what it was I understood, but I am sure I understood it in some way). Then I sort of "changed focus" mentally/visually and noticed that the fractalic morphing meaning tapastry that I was looking at was actually some sort of independent entity. It didn't have set boundaries but was definately unique to its surroundings."

~ From an intense DMT discussion with prolific science author Clifford Pickover -
The comments in this article are adapted from
Psychedelic Information Theory: Shamanism in the Age of Reason, by James Kent.

> There is also a sense of enchantment, of sanctity, of beauty, a sense of
gaining privileged access to knowledge and that their intelligence is increased.

Yes! I agree that all these aspects of the human mind are amplified under the influence of DMT. One does not have to take DMT to have epiphanies of beauty and sanctity. DMT does increase intelligence, which I define as the brain's ability to retain many specific pieces of data in working memory while simultaneously performing analysis on them. DMT (and other psychedelics) certainly amplify this capacity, and thus amplify the brain's capacity to apply contextual meaning or "profundity" to whatever it may be experiencing. If the psychedelically amplified brain happens to be focused on an imaginary alien landscape, then the profundity of that alien landscape suddenly goes through the roof!

> To the DMT psychonoaut, the world around them appears to be constructed, composed with care like a work of art or an intricate hand-spun fabric, and guided like actors in a play. They feel as if a veil has been lifted and so that they see something that has always been transpiring.

Yes, this aspect of the experience is more relevant to me than the elves or whatnot. The exposing of the deeper fabric of reality that we don't normally see is the big secret of the DMT (and other psychedelic) experience. This is a product of the amplified mind exploring the nature of hard reality. The quantum levels of flux become apparent and the "hardness" of reality disappears into a vibrating mass of infinitely deep energy, emerging and crystallizing from the bottom-up into ever-changing states, which of course it actually is. The profundity of this realization is very heavy, yet it is nothing that we do not already know. But the quantum nature of our world made manifest for our otherwise limited senses is always a shock.

> Many psychonauts return with a certainty that consciousness continues after death. They return with the idea of a soul existing beyond the body, somehow woven into the fabric of the universe.

I agree. This may well be the case. Time is an illusion of our senses. The soul may be timeless. Again, this conjecture is metaphysically savory but impossible to prove. The mystery just gets deeper when you probe it. My conclusion is that the things we see in the psychedelic state are a confusing mixture of a "deeper hidden reality" that is there all the time (the product of amplified senses), plus detailed imaginal renderings of our own subconscious desires and fears (made manifest by a combination of synesthesia and an over-stimulated brain trying to impose order on chaotic patterns). Sorting out which is which (separating the "hard signal" from the "chaotic noise" and "imaginal rendering") is the hard part of the psychedelic journey. Flatly accepting the entirety of the experience as "real" or "truth" is a mistake that makes many "psychedelic philosophers" appear to be little more than new-age jokes enamored with their own visions. The issue demands much deeper analytical thinking than that. It drives me crazy.
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