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How I Stopped My Cluster Headaches
In Their Tracks With Psilocybe Cubensis Muhrooms!!

In the Spring of 2003 my cluster headache cycle started back up right on time. My last cycle in the spring of 2001 was a hellish ride that almost cost me my job, so this one immediately induced feelings of desperation and dread.

I got online to see if any new research progress had occured since last time. A lengthy search of the archives at Clusterheadaches.com yeilded dozens of reports from people who had used mushrooms to abort their headache cycles.

Having taken them before, (i grew up in mississippi where they are a favorite 'free high' for teens and curious people) I knew they were very safe and was comfortable with the 'side effects'.
Interestingly for theraputic purposes in treating vascular headaches the dose is only about 1/3 of the favored recreational 'Trip' dosage.

So to test the waters I took a very very small dose. About 0.5 gm,
ground up and allowed to sit under the tongue for about 15 minutes, that night i had an out-of-place headache ....

But then
I noticed an immediate difference the next day
My normal daily 3 headaches of 90 minutes each
were only about 20 minutes each, happened at a different time of day - and were an almost tolerable pain level.
This break in the pain & cycle continued for about 3 days before the headaches became severe again.
It was a dDramatic response considering the *very small* dose and the rigid regularity of my daily headache cycles.

So i decided there was something to this and prepared for another dose.

First, Here is what it looks like on my graph: 2001 unmedicated cycle (before I learned about the mushroom treatment)
unmedicated cluster headache

and the
2003 cycle that was aborted 3 weeks early with small doses
2003 cluster headache chart

I waited about a week and took a larger dose of about 2gm. this time i had definite psychedelic effects - I felt my body turn into Origami and fold out into the space around me, quite enjoyable once i got used to it. Went into the yard and took photos of plants and listened to jazz.
That night - no headache. The next day ... no headache! I Waited a week - still no headache.
Wait, that was TOO EASY!

Holy Cow - i have been suffering HELL all these years and that's all it took??? I was in shock to feel totally normal. The Whole Cycle had been Aborted. That was 10 months ago and i have been 10000% A-Ok ever since. My clyster cycle is every 2 years, so when they come back in 2005 I will be ready for it.

For the first time I am approaching a Cluster Headache cycle with CONFIDENCE that I will be in control - instead of being reduced to a whimpering sack of pain! Thank GOD for Magic Mushrooms and thank Clusterbusters for the Info on how to use them for vascular headaches

UPDATE: Feb 2006
Despite careful preparations my 2005 cluster headaches were still bad due to a bus trip up north while still in cycle.

This time i had prepared some mushrooms to try at the first sign of the cycle starting. Normally as seen in my charts fromt 2001 & 2003, it builds to unbearable pain over 3 to 4 days. One treatment after the 1st attack was sufficient to abate all pain for well over a week. Zero pain or attacks.

Then another abrupt cold-to-hot weather change seemed to bring the cycle back. Another treatment and another week free of pain. This is unprecedented in my history of headaches. Once they start they continue relentlessly.
Feeling like I had conquered it, I took a trip up north and within 4 days I was back to daily headaches which continued for another 4 weeks. I had to take a 28 hour bus-trip while having headaches, which SUCKED. A real test of willpower.

cluster headache chart 2005

I was finally able to fully end the cycle with a samll amount of blotter paper, then it was all the way gone, and still light compared to the chart of 2001.
So my results from 2005 were success in stopping all the headaches for a few weeks with psychedelic treatment, but this time i was unable to break the cycle completely.

UPDATE: Fall 2007
In the 2007 Cluster Cycle I obtained a small amount of Hawaiian Baby Woodrose seeds containing the LSD cousin LSA. These gave me a head start and when i felt the very first one of the year i took a dose that same night. I felt some light shadows but had mostly pain-free days during the first weeks of the cycle. The Baby Woodrose seeds are a good legal alternative for peope who have reservations about trying the mushroom treatment.
I eventually aborted the residual headaches and even all of the shadows with one lsd dose.

ALSO: New 2007 antecdotal information for doctors or researchers:
Smoked 5-MEO-DMT does NOTHING to abort a cluster headache or cycle.

I discovered Vaporized N,N-DMT provided INSTANT relief from two attacks.
The abortive effects were evident within 15 seconds, similar to mushrooms,
a draining away of all pain, sinus swelling, fever, anxiety and a distinct feeling
of the head being 'normal again', feeling calm with no shadows or other
physical symptoms associated with the headache cycle.

Terrence McKenna notes that,
"The pro-psychedelic plant position is clearly an anti-drug position. Drug dependencies are the result of habitual, unexamined and obsessive behavior; these are precisely the tendencies that the psychedelics mitigate."

Another fact worth considering is that reading medical journals or even the DEA website will disclose that psychedelic compounds and plants are all classified as Counter-Addictive, (meaning that the effects of the drug itself discourage repeated indiscriminate use.) There is a huge difference between advocating responsible psychedelic plant use for medical reasons, spiritual reasons or for inspiration, and advocating uncontrolled drug abuse.

UPDATE Feb 2006!
the Mushroom treatment is so promising that approval has been given to conduct Clinical Trials at Harvard University School of Medicine(!!!) with arrangements made by MAPS, the Multi-disciplinary Institute For Psychedelic Studies.

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